Anything can happen! – But never quit!

This slogan kind of thing is not a new one, but this is what we do in the process of reaching our goals. We give up very easily. We don’t have all the skills to reach the goals in the beginning. We all have got talent, but skill is something that is developed after a struggle of hours and hours of practice. Talent and skill are the most misunderstood concepts. We all have that talent to reach our goals, but we don’t have that skill to reach and it only be achieved through a regular exercise. None of us are experts in the beginning, but a regular practice and a dedication towards our goals are what that are going to make a complete person finally.

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There is no easy way around it to reach your goal. No matter how talented you are and no matter what your background is. It is your skill that is developed by you over years and years of practice that is going to take you further to reach the destination you wanted to achieve. And you’re going to fail for sure if you’re not skilled properly. The final success won’t come to you after seeing how talented you are. It comes to you how you perform with your skill that is developed after years of practice. And that skill is not easily achieved by anyone. You need to sacrifice a lot. You need to sacrifice your food, your sleep, your habits and your procrastination. Unless you sacrifice these things, you can’t reach your goal and you’re going to quit without a proper exercise to your mind. Your success is depended on your skill, but not on your talent.

And do you know how you are going to quit? You discover excuses by yourselves to quit and everything seem impossible to you because you didn’t find it easy. Remember, noting in this world is easy unless you work for it. You don’t think of reaching your goals unless you work hard enough for them. You’re the designer of your own destiny, not others. This is the first thing you will do. Blame others for your failure and that’s where your depression begins. Once you’re depressed, it’s not that easy to come back and bounce back to success. But nothing is easy. You have to work out here too to reach success.

What to do when you’re depressed?

Just because you have failed, it doesn’t make you a failure. Failure is the stepping stone to success and you’re supposed to fail in the beginning. But that is not the end of the world. There is a lot to do with it. once you have decided and start a new life with great and new working with dedication on your goals, you can reach them. There will be times where things are not going to go right. But that is not the end. You got to work and you will bounce back for sure, but, but never quit!!

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