How to Recover Deleted WhatsApp messages on Android

What if you have deleted your messages in you WhatsApp chat on your android? Really need to panic? Absolutely no. Now it is easy to recover the deleted messages from your android mobile. WhatsApp has a facility of making the backups for your messages based on the daily data on the android phones. By using some simple steps, you can easily recover the messages deleted from the backup, just by uninstalling and installing your WhatsApp again. In between this, you just have to follow these simple steps.

Recover Deleted WhatsApp  messages on Android

1) Uninstall WhatsApp

Firstly uninstall WhatsApp from your phone. Not a tough job. You can find for WhatsApp in Google Play Store, in your device and click on the uninstall button. Once it is uninstalled, click on the blue colored install button to install WhatsApp again.(download whatsapps for pc)

2) Restore WhatsApp History

After installing WhatsApp again on your android mobile, you can see a message asking if you want to restore the message history from the backup. Click on the restore, wait for few moments till your messages gets recovered successfully.

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3) Restore from backups

Some time’s, the chances of restoring the messages will fail. In such cases, you can restore the chat from your older WhatsApp history backup. These kinda backups are just kept for a week on your memory card. So there will be a possibility to get your chatback.
To do this, first, you have to rename the backup file and install a file manager app like ASTRO File Manager or AndroZipFileManager. After writing this, you need to find the WhatsApp backup folder. This must be saved at this path – /sdcard/WhatsApp/Database

4) Renaming the backup file

Renaming is the next step. You have to find the backup file in the last day chat that you had saved. within seven days. Just rename the file, something like this. From “msgstore=DD-MM-YYYY.1.db.crypt” to “msgstore.db.crypt”, by using your file management app in your mobile.

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5) Now Reinstall Whatsapp

After renaming the backup file, just go back to the first step. Uninstall and then install the WhatsApp again. In the step two, WhatsApp will restore your history depending on your specified backup file. And there you’re! Your WhatsApp chat is restored successfully.
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