6 Most Common Reasons why blogger’s Fail!!

Earning From Blog is just a horrible dream for you and after working very hard still you haven’t earn a single penny from blog. Millions of blog are created every week and almost 80% fail in it. So i have written a guide for just you. You can also earn from you blog if you take this guide seriously.


This is a major reason why most of bloggers fail there is huge competition in blogging as millions of blog are created every week and  the niche of your blog is also the same of many other bloggers out their. You have to be unique in the topic you are writing on which can be a little bit difficult but not impossible.

Lack Of SEO skills:

SEO? What is that? Seo refers to search engine optimization which also plays a major role in bringing traffic to your site. So first hire a seo expert or do some research on it.


How often do you blog? Once a week. Here comes another big mistake you are doing. So start blogging 4-5 times a week as it will bring fresh content to your blog and will maintain a consistency of blogging.

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Content is the king. If you have great content then traffic will automatically come. So Try to be original and never copy any other bloggers content and always be unique.


In my experience it is good if you use your real name in about the author as it will associate a person with your blog which is good for bringing traffic and attracts people. And Be confident about yourself.


Design of your blog is also important. Never use a template which is painful for readers eyes. Always use a simple template as readers will enjoy reading your blog and will come more often. ADS if you have too many ads and popus remove them now as this very bad for your readers. They will start hating your blog and will avoid it and there will be a huge loss of yours.

Results Come to Slow:

Every newbie thinks that blogging is very easy and we can make hard cash from it but it is not. Have patience you cannot be rich from a blog in a overnight as it takes time unless you are a celebrity. It can take years for your first check to come but once you have great followers money will automatically come to you.

And at last I will say have patience and be confident about what you write.

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