How To Get Free Mobile Recharge/Balance Online

Latest Free Mobile Recharge Tricks 2015 For Android Mobiles

Hi friends! Today, I’am going to share a wonderful way to get free recharge tricks 2015. Many of you might have searched for it, but you would have ended up knowing nothing is free. It is free, yes online recharge is free, but for that you need to do a specific task. Of course, it is simple. Here I’am going to share an article. And importantly, you don’t need to worry about spam. Everything mentioned here is genuine and checked by me personally.

So, you can be sure about the process mentioned here.


Free Recharge Through Android Apps

paisa swipe is the simplest way to earn mobile balance through your android apps you can earn daily 5 rupees through paisa swipe. paisa swipe displays the ads of the latest movies, current events, tech news and pop events. Just unlock the screen and earn free recharge.

There is another wonderful way to earn through paisa swipe if you refer more friends to paisa swipe then you may earn bonus rewards. Although there are many apps to earn recharge online through screen unlocking, I prefer paisa swipe because I have a personal experience with this app and minimum payout with it is 50 rs.  Although it may vary with time. You may have real time earn updates in paisa swipe.

Here are a list of some similar apps that of Pisa swipe where you can online recharge through unlocks your home screen
1)Mad Lock
2)Unlock Rokda(the ads of this app look beautiful as your wallpaper)

Free Recharge By Referring Friends ,Uploading Pics And Playing Quiz

Yes, what you have read above in the post title is absolutely right, there are websites which pay you money through uploading images and playing quizzes. Here comes first in the list, although there are many websites which pay you money online for the same kind of tasks most of them are not genuine, and few of them doesn’t pay you high,then why to go with the crap when it is going to pay you.
Ok, let me tell you how to earn much more with amulyam so that it fills your complete recharge needs.

1) Create contests, polls, quizzes regularly the best you get a response to your pics, quiz and polls the more you can earn

2) If you are going to buy a product or service online then try to buy through their merchandise partners, which is going to really increase your earnings in amulyam

3) Play quiz, contests and answer the polls and refer friends  so that you get more point’s
   At last i can say one thing be an active user in amulyam so that you can get your best.
it is one of the best website you can earn recharge by referring friends.the part of it is you can earn rs.5 for every friend you refer.

Free Recharge  Through Sending Messages and Sms

There are two popular websites that pays you for sending sms through their websites believe it or not long ago I have earned 100 rs for myself through these can earn daily 10 rs through this each site by sending free messages. Although i don’t have any personal experience with the second site I mentioned below I’m referring you because many of my friends earn through it.

Free Recharge Through Downloading Android Apps 

Here comes the most interested way and the most easiest way to earn more recharge where the lazy guys can earn letting their mobile to their work .Ok, let me introduce a site named mcent is a most trusted online website where thousands of people earn their daily dose of recharge to sign up click here
1) you may earn through referring friends
2) Sometimes it pays you for watching videos

Free Mobile Recharge By Playing Games

Who doesn’t like playing games online, How would you feel if you are paid for playing games,here is some of the genuine websites that pays you are playing games
if you face any problem or if you have quires let me know through comments ill try to respond within 24 hours to you, if you like it, please share, it will  encourage me to write many more articles regarding online earning.These are the best articles for getting free recharge if you know any other tips let me know via your comments
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  1. must try it provide highest free recharge like :
    – 3 paisa for each quiz you attempt
    – 3 paisa for each True false question you attempt
    – 2 paisa for each sms you send
    – 1 paisa for each poll you attempt
    – You may earn upto Rs 5 for each refferal minimum Rs.1
    and much more

  2. Must say great list and written with quality.


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