How to Stop People Tagging in Facebook ?

Facebook is the social networking site that connects everyone, wherever you’re around the planet. One of the annoying features in Facebook is tagging your names In it. Once your name is tagged in someone’s image or a status update, it gives rise to number of notifications that will annoy you for sure. Here we are going to show you how to stop people from tagging in Facebook.
How to Stop People Tagging in Facebook ?

Another problem with tagging is getting spam links and profiles into your profile and no one likes to get spammed. Here is setting in Facebook that shows you how to stop tagging. You need to follow the following steps before moving ahead.

Step 1: 

First you have to goto settings options in the right corner. Select the Timeline and Tagging on the window you see.

How to Stop People Tagging in Facebook ?

Step 2:  

After that choose the option, How can I manage tags people add and tagging suggestions and Select the Enable 

Step 3: 

 Goto privacy shortcuts and select Who can see my stuff, after enabling the option.

How to Stop People Tagging in Facebook ?
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That’s it! You’re done with it. You have two options now. You can make it public, which means, it can be seen by everyone, including the friends of your friends or anyone, or you can make it visible only to your friends. You will get notified for every tag and if you want it to allow on your timeline, you have to click on the option on Add to timeline. now you can stop pepole from tagging you in facebook timeline
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