Tips for Newbie Bloggers!

Started a blog few days back so i have a written this post for you it will tell u essential tips for starting a new blog. Follow my tips you will sure get success!

Define your Goals-

Take a little time and think about your goals what you want to accomplish. Your Blog has a greater chance of success if you know what you hope to achieve from beginning. Are you trying to establish yourself as expert in that field or you are just starting it for fun. Know your goals because goals for your blog are dependent on the reason you are starting your blog. Think then write to achieve your goals.

Know your audience-

Your blog will reflect the expectations of your readers so design an write according to your readers like if you have teenagers then design according to them but if you have professional readers then go with a clean and elegant design and understand your audience and always write according to them.

Be Consistent-

Your Blog represent your brand. Your blog design and content convey a specific message. Being consistent allows you to meet your audience’s expectations and always design your blog which is easy to navigate.

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Update regularly- 

A blog which is updated regularly receive more traffic as compare to the blogs which are not updated regularly. If you will not update your blog regularly it will die and you will loose your readers which is hard to get back.

Keep learning-

Never stop learning as “The more you know the better it is”.

Everyday there is something new so never stop learning.

Go social-

After writing your blog post share it to social  media like facebook, pininterest and stumbleupon which will engage more readers and will get you more traffic.

Focus on headlines–

My advice for a new blogger would be to focus on headlines. Write a headline which is more attractive eg. “25 tips to get more traffic”. You can write this like “25 Killing Tips to get more traffic” which will result in readers opening your link than others with same heading. So first think about the heading and then write a attractive one and one thing more create trust in your readers and  answer to their comments.

So here are some tips for newbie bloggers. Hope you like it. “Be Yourself“.

About Harshit Jain

Harshit Jain is a tech-savvy blogger. He is currently pursuing post graduation from Mumbai University. He likes to share his knowledge through his own blog at TripoSoft & TechHug as well as by writing guest articles on other blogging sites. Follow him on Facebook, Google+, Twitter.