Block Facebook App Request/Notification And Suggestions

Facebook has started its business as an online media in 2004. Since its inception, it started dominating the then online media Orkut and started to occupy the entire market slowly. That’s the beginning. At the moment, there is no one on this planet who doesn’t know about Facebook and who doesn’t have a Facebook account. It became a platform for everyone who want to share their moments, thoughts and ideas with their friends in online and friends in real world.

There are many features in Facebook that make you to stay connected to it, like the options of, like, share, comment and also, tagging. Here we come to tagging. Tagging some one in the Facebook post is nothing but mentioning their name in your post to have a look at it. This is the only feature so far that seems annoying for many regular Facebook users. Because many feel that tagging someone in others post is not that necessary and also it gives rise to unnecessary notifications which wastes time in looking at them.

Although there are privacy options in order to stop tagging in Faceboook, these doesn’t seem the permanenet solution for this. As of now, one can review what others tag you in thier post, before allowing on your timeline. This facility is also annoying because it is not easy to review everyone’s tag before allowing on your timeline.
 Most of  the people on this planet use Facebook to stay connected with their friends, family and the
Apprentice. Some stay here to spread their business and some to explore online at Facebook is the only
Website as of now where everyone is using it. In such a website, the usage of apps is increasing now-


 In addition to that, a new headache for the Facebook users is the issue of tagging and also the
Game requests. Even though you’re not interested in the games online, knowing or unknowing, you
will be getting many requests that makes you annoyed about them. This gives rise to many notifications
Which certainly are not necessary.
Is there any plan to solve this issue? Yes!
You have to follow the following instructions

Step 1: Go To Settings

Block Facebook App Request/Notification And Suggestions

 Log into your Facebook account and choose account settings option by going to settings.

Step 2: Go To Notifications

Block Facebook App Request/Notification And Suggestions

  Select notifications on the left sidebar.

Step 3:  Select Application Requests And Activity

Block Facebook App Request/Notification And Suggestions
Now select app requests and activity

Step 4: Uncheck All Application Requests

Block Facebook App Request/Notification And Suggestions

Uncheck all the game/app requests
Done! Now you’re out of the trouble of getting notifications that annoy you.

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