How to Edit PDF Files Online ||Easy step by step procedure

Portable Document Format file or PDF is a type of file used to store texts and images, which
doesn’t have an option to edit once they are made and hence they’re called as “Read only” type.
The editing of PDF file is done only by using proper tools. Here in this article, you’re going to
learn how to edit PDF files online easily.

How to Edit PDF Files Online

When you search for “Editing a PDF File Online”, you will see PDFescape website in the first
page as a result of your search. So, here I’m going to explain you how to edit the PDF files in
PDFescape. I’m using this site as it is listed on the top of the search engine and also, it is easy
to understand the tools given in it and implement them to edit your file.

Steps to Edit PDF Files Online

1. First, open the website PDFescape and you can see a button that displays “Edit Your PDF
2. After clicking on edit your pdf now, you can see four options there. If you have a file in your
device to upload and make the changes, then click on “Upload PDF to PDFescape”. If your file
is from internet, then click on “Load PDF from Internet”.

3. After clicking on upload PDF to PDF escape, you can see a menu that requests you to
upload a file in the computer. All you need to do is to click on ‘choose file’ and upload it on the

4. Now, you can see your pdf file on the website. You can also see the tools on the left side
of the web page. If you are familiar with the tools in MS Paint, then it is even easy for you to
handle these tools to edit your pdf file You can have more options as tools by clicking on more.
I’ll share a few tools at glance in the tool bar

• To text on the PDF file, you can use Text Tool

• To erase, you have to use white out tool

• To upload images from your system, image tool helps you to do that.

• To draw anything on the pdf file with your hands, you can make the use of Freehand tool

• To paste any link on the pdf file, you can use the link tool.

5. Once editing is over, you have to save the pdf fie by downloading it into your device. To do
this, click on the green button that you see on the left, which says to save the file and download
to your browser. You can also share the file online by clicking on share option in the website.


The final result of the edited file is depended on the usage of the tools in the website. You can make
the best use of the tools available in the site. If you’re not satisfied with this site here, then you can
download LibreOffice. It is an offline editor to edit PDF files, and also, it is available for free.
Hope this article helped you to find a good solution to edit your PDF files. Stay tuned with the site for more interesting articles.

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