How To Send Large/Big files online For Free

sending really big files online  is one of the irritating task,because most of the email providers allow us to send maximum of 20 -50 mb,if  u want to share the files with size ranging to 100mb-1gb ,you need to cut down the file into several small pieces and send to them,which is really an irritating task,the only other option other then breaking down is compressing the file with external softwares and it is not always successful in case of image rich files,so i will share few sites to  send big files over the internet fastly.

Drop send-Email large files instantly and securely

drop send enables you to send very large files upto 4gb,it is ideal for sending pdf’s,jpg and mp3.The service uses 256 bit aes security,it is secure so you can transfer important files too.drop send offers you cloud storage(saving large files online).using it is fast and simple.

2Big2send-easily send big files quickly

2big2send lets you to send files upto 150mb,it exchange server lets you to send files quickly even on slow connections,you can know that recipients opens your file,the service sends you message when the download the attachment,you can also give short links to your file,you can send upto 5gb on enterprise edition.

Giga size-the easiest way to store and share files online

Upload files upto 10gb,easy instant acess over the web,if your uploading is interrupted  you can resume them instantly,i can say one thing it is best way to host large files online.

Share send ~sharing files is incredibly easy

share send is a simple website,it doesn’t require any signup just you need to upload the files and share the link with your friend’ can send file size upto 100mb. send files that are too big to email

Fileai doesnt have any file sharing  size limits ,so you can easily send any size files online,bittorrent style interface makes file sharing easy,doesnt require any software your files are not uploaded on external server,your files are sent through peer-peer through your existing web browser

Windows live sky drive

windows live sky drive enables you to send large files online,it works on all windows or mactoish os,you need mozilla or explorer browser usually which works good,you can save upto 15gb online,you can also save files in different catogeries like public,private and you can decide who can access each file.


drop box at the basic level lets you to share files online like photo’s ,video’s and document’s it offers free cloud storage upto 20gb and you can share with your friends


High tail lets you to send large files online upto 250mb,you can verify the user’s to whom you send files,the process is secure fill up the details,give the user mail id and upload the file then user recives notification.
if you face and problems or if you know and better sources to share large files online comment below so that others can know about it
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