How to view privately hidden profile pictures in facebook(fb)

facebook is worlds largest social networking site,most of the facebook users set their display pictures/profile pictures as un clickable i.e. they keep their profile pictures hidden from others because the photos may be misused.
Now,i am going to share a trick with help of this trick you can view privately hidden DP’s in fb.
By using this trick you can get the image of uploaded resolution.

How to view privately hidden profile pictures in facebook:

1)First, login to your facebook account.
2)Go to the hidden profile pictures which you want to view.
3)Then, right click on the picture which you want to view.
4)Then, select open image in new tab.
5)Now, you will find in url c0.0.160.160/p160x160/
6)Now, remove the above code from the url and press enter.
7)Now, you can view the image of the uploaded resolution.

8)if you have any problem in viewing rhe picture let me know through your comments ,i will try to help you as fast as possible.
NOTE: the above mentioned trick is only for educational purpose,not intended for any other purpose
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