StumbleUpon Traffic secrets: Get MoreTraffic From Stumbleupon

Since 2010 stumbleupon is a great source of traffic for many bloggers,where you can get more traffic from USA.At starting  stumbleupon was great source of traffic to my blog,But the only problem with stumbleupon it doesn’t drive targetted traffic to my blog,now let us discuss few beautiful ways to drive traffic from stumbleupon. ok let me start from basics and let us discuss few black hat tatic’s too.But one thing don’t rely on  stumbleupon as your main source of traffic because your bounce rate may increase.

How To get Traffic From Stumble upon

1) First Login to your stumbleupon account and go to link submitting page

2)In the web page address add the link which you want to submit.
3)” is this page safe for work ” click yes for all the niches click yes,except if your page contains adult jokes ,humor or any nude pictures or videos 
4)Add related tags to your link,so that it can get some targeted traffic.
5)Now add some nice comment ,Then click submit.
Now we had finished  our bacis ,now let us discuss few tricks.

Be Part Of Stumbleupon Community:

You can not drive good traffic from stumbleupon unless ,you are part of there community .Always adding only  your links to the stuumbleupon,add value to stumbleupon add some other interesting blog links.Add stumbleupon chrome that when you stumble it can show mostly the pages you like.the more you like,stumble you can get more out of it.add stumbleupon extension to your browser  so that it can track your browsing and show your related intrests,while you stumble.

Follow fellow stumblers of related niche

yes,follow others stumblers of your related niche,suppose your blog is related to education niche then follow other stumblers of that niche ,and they follow back you,building up a good community increases your stumbleupon traffic,my friend lasya from alltop9 drove around 14k traffic from stumbleupon ,yes it’s absolute 14k,below is the screen shot of her blog traffic.she has over 100 followers in stumbleupon which helped her to get huge traffic from stumbleupon.

Also add stumbleupon sharing button below of you posts so that you can get more traffic

Few blackhat Tatics.

There is a small blackhat tatic,not exactly black hat submit your URL in different  interests ,let me say you want to submit a link about a latest gadget ,you can add URL in gadgets,and again add url in technology.but after your url add ?s1,?s2 any thing after ? you can submit twice or more,submit in different catogeries so that same person may not get your page twice.if you are an indian user submit at morning 3oclock  or 4oclock,because you can get more us traffic,see that when you submit link the timing should be around 3 or 4 evening in usa.
# visit stumbleupon pages and see which category has more followers and submit in related category.Now traffic is yours.follow me here on stumbleupon 

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