Hi in this article, i will introduce you the method to track any train.The method is completely so simple that you require only some basic knowledge of using maps and internet.You must know that the India is the second largest country as per the population and it has vast railway network. So, it is not so easy to track the trains.After lots of efforts by Indian government, they have designed a website to track railway trains.

Website to track trains in India:

Raildar is a website which allows you to track the position in India, but we cannot check PNR status and book our train tickets.Now, let me clear the doubts that you have in your mind.

How it is possible for a website to track train?Is it really possible?

Yes, it is possible to track the trains in India. Indian railways has over 6000 monitoring points across the country. Those points are regularly updated by the server which is located at the headquarters. The monitoring points gives information about train arrival and departure timings.This process is automated.

How often map is updated?

For the span of every 5 minutes, the map is updated. Although there will be time lag of 5 minutes, the information which you receive that contains the train location. 

What benefit does website get?

According to Indian government statement, they said that the project is completely designed to help the people without benefits from it. If you have anymore doubts, then you can check the frequently asked questions sections on their website itself.

How to use the website to track a railway train in India?

Now, first go to the website Railradar and there you will see the country map with brown and blue dots on it.Pointing towards a specific direction
Red arrow marks is a location of the train, which is travelling on a correct time where as the brown 
arrow mark indicates that the train has delayed. The direction of arrow mark specifies the direction of train.
Using the search option available, you can search about the details of particular stations and train.

When you select the particular train, it gives complete information about the train such as starting station,ending station. The train is marked with a specific symbol for which you can refer “Legends” tab on the website.

Zoom in and out to view a particular location clearly and use “India map navigator” to move to a particular location.
Indian government has invested lots of money in this project to help the public, so it is our duty to spread about this as much as possible.
This is one live example to say that India has developed technically.

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