How To Earn Money Through Google Plus||Effective Method To Earn Money

If you’re a regular reader of, you might have already learned about how to make money
through Facebook. Isn’t it interesting! Social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube,
LinkedIn are the great sources to earn bucks. Even Google Plus is not an exception for that. In this
article, I’m going to show you how to earn money easily by using Google plus. For this you can

make the use of you G+ profiles, pages, communities, and authorship to make money here.
Let me begin with how to increase your mailing list because it is important to increase your
networks through an email and thus increase your earnings by increasing your subscribers list.

1. Add target subscribers:

 Always add the people who are interested to be with you and to use your
products. Share your posts in the public such that they are visible to everyone, which will result in
bringing more traffic to your Google plus page.

2. Include links: 

Creating a page in the about tap of your Google plus profile is an important move.

This area plays an effective role in getting more clicks to yoru page as it appears just above the
standard links section of you page as well as your profile.

3. Create a community:

 After having a good profile that suits the demands of your product/market,
the next step you need to do is to create a page that also matches your product to reach your target
subscribers more. Remember that the page should be visible to everyone in the community. And
also include the necessary links in the ‘About this community’ section. As this section is always
displayed, the followers/subscribers will easily get the access to the links of your products.

4. Create a cover pic:

 A cover pic is a good attraction for a Google plus and it must be attractive
for the visitors in such a way that the visitors who visit your profile must click on it. Make sure
that your cover pic description also includes a link related to the product you’re aiming for.

5 Run Google + Hangouts:

 You must have known about the Google plus hangouts if you’re a
familiar Google plus user. Running Google plus hangouts with your subscribers will help you to
meet your subscribers daily and thus review the developments and also make necessary
improvements in your products.
After doing all above, you can run a business by doing the following things. The above tips are
mentioned to have an idea before you kick start.

1. Sell Products:

To sell a product, you need to have a clear idea on what kind product you’re selling and you must
have a clear idea about the target audience. Because knowning about your product more than
anyone else is important for you as you’re going to market it. The Google hangouts, the proper
images in your Google plus profile and Google plus pages will help you further.

2. Offer Services:

If you’re designer, or a writer, or a consultant, or any service provider, then Google plus is the best
market in the social media just like any other social media. You can market your services in the
Google+ pages using the above mentioned tips.

3. Promote Books:

This is another way to earn money easily in Goole+. You an sell e books widely as Google is the
search engine used by most of the people on this planet. By using the tips provided in this article,
you can make huge bucks in very less time. I can assure you that.

4. Increase affiliate products:

Affiliate programming is something that can be successufl on any social media. Google plus
features helps you here to do it more easily.
Bottom Line:
Google plus may not be as popular as Facebook, LinkedIn and other social media, but still it is one
of the best places to share your products and your ideas here. All the best. Stay tuned with the site
for mroe tips.

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Harshit Jain is a tech-savvy blogger. He is currently pursuing post graduation from Mumbai University. He likes to share his knowledge through his own blog at TripoSoft & TechHug as well as by writing guest articles on other blogging sites. Follow him on Facebook, Google+, Twitter.

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