How To Increase Internet Speed In 2015

By looking over the title, everyone is eager to know the way to increase the internet speed. In this article, am going to deal with how to increase the internet speed. I know that you are reading this article because your broadband speed sucks.You’re in the need to increase the internet speed, because your surfing speed is slow, downloads takes much longer and videos take much longer to load.

How To Increase Internet Speed Easily

So, if you face this problem then you must increase internet speed using the following methods. This article may help you to increase your internet speed up to some extent. Internet speed mainly depends upon broadband. If you are in the need of  speed internet get from your dealer.
More the band width and internet speed are relatively proportional. your internet speed depends upon mainly these factors .

Here, am going to share to Increase Internet speed Fast

1. How to Increase your download speed
2. How to increase your browser speed
3. How to increase Youtube buffering speed

1.How to increase your download speed

Use downloading softwares:
1.internet download manager accelerator plus 
I have mention only these two products because other services in the market and default browser downloader cannot compete with these two softwares. Internet download manager downloads twice faster than your default browser. I prefer IDM because the speed is consistent through out the download.

Advantages of using IDM:

a)Fully integrated with your default browser.
b)Accelerates your download speed upto three times.
c)You can pause your download and you can restart the download if you’re interrupted.

2.How to increase youtube buffering speed

This trick can increase speed only for windows OS. Do you know that microsoft will reserve certain amount of bandwidth for updating their products to increase your bandwidth.
Follow the below steps:
Step-1:open run box by pressing windows+ R
Step-2:then type gpedit.msc and then press enter
Step-3:then, go to administrate templates=>network=>Qos packet scheduler
Step-4:on the panel at right side, you will see “limit reservable bandwidth”
Step-5:double click on limit reservable bandwidth and select it as enable and set value to zero finally press you have increased internet speed by using rum command.

Increase internet speed by using TCP optimizer

Tcp optimizer will increase your internet speed on settings you provide it and will increase your speed. you can get this software by clicking the following link.
Follow the below steps to configure TCP optimizer.
1)go to general settings tab and select your internet speed using slider
2)then select “modify all network adapters”
3)on choose settings select optimal and then press apply changes.
4)now restart your computer

3.Increase your browser speed

If you are not getting enough speed by your browser then use chrome extension or firefox extension called “Adblock plus.” This extension will block all the adds and increase your browsing speed.
So these are the some Best tricks to speedup internet speed for free, hope you like the methods to increase internet speed, Don’t forget to share this trick on facebook and google plus.
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