How To Rank A Post High In SERP

Many of us are unable to rank for few competitive keywords like apps for pc,backlinks,make money online, hostgator coupon,today I have came up with few strategies  which will help you out to rank for this kind of keywords. This tatics will surely help you to rank top in the SERP.rank-specific-post

#create length worthy content

According to SERP IQ analysis on the top ten search results over 20,000 keywords. The top ten results for any keyword have an average length of 2,000 words. The fact is that Google prefers lengthy content because it thinks it has a deep information about topic. For an example, if you write an article like make money online keep headings like 99ways to make money online and make sure that content is length worthy. If it has in depth information, generally this kind of content is bookmarked by users for their future reading. Google collects the browsing reports from chrome, this is also one of the micro ranking signal. Yet it was not officially declared by Google.

#optimize your images for search

Don’t name images like abcd.jpg, include relevant keyword in the name. Give all tag to the images, it not only increases your traffic through Google image search but also Google will index content based on this tag tool. See that the images are not of large size. Try to compress the images.

#get traffic through Google plus

Try to get more traffic from Google plus. Google considers user interaction like +1’s, but it was not officially declared by Google. Why do you think Google neglects its own social networking site for giving their users better experience and try to get more comments to your post. It is user interaction ranking signal.

#use Google for Internal link building

Many of the bloggers give internal linking randomly, but it is not effective. Do strong internal link building using Google and Moz bar together. Let me explain you, Go to Google, and search “site”.  You can see all the pages of your site and page authority and domain authority. Moz decides the PA, according to the page performance in search result higher it ranks better the PA. So, give internal links to the post which you want to rank from the pages having good PA. This method of internal link building  from the pages of high PA boost up your ranking in

#do mild external link building

Do mild link building to your post, I feel guest posting is effective way to get backlinks. Try to take link to your post from the middle of content, see that the link in authors bio is no follow so that you are not caught by Google.
These tatics will surely help you rank high in SERP.
If you still know any tatics to rank a specific post comment below so that it is helpful for others.
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