Facebook Friends Suggestion Troller

Facebook Friends Suggestion Troller

A new Facebook prank is trending on Facebook. This prank is about suggesting your friends to themselves and your friends start to think that they have received a friend request from their own account.

Facebook social toolkit is all in one Facebook marketing tool. this tool is packed with unlimited possibilities.

Facebook Friends Suggestion Troller

You can use this tool for free and free tools are packed with awesome features.

This article will guide you though all the steps necessary to do the same prank on your friends 😀

Download Facebook Friend Suggestion Troller

Troll Your Friends By Sending Friend Request From Their Own Account

I’m sure your friends will love this prank.
Before you execute Facebook social toolkit, you need to know about few things.

  1. Facebook social toolkit is free to use
  2. Facebook social toolkit is free from all the limitations
  3. Facebook social toolkit suggest friends tool is 100% safe to use.
  4. Facebook social toolkit suggest friends tool can be used multiple times.
  5. Facebook friends suggestion troller is completely ad free

How to use Facebook Social Toolkit suggest all friends tool.

1. Install Facebook Social Toolkit
2. Start Facebook social Toolkit
3. Click on the sixth button that mentions suggest friends to themselves
4. Wait for Facebook social toolkit to execute the code.
5. Enjoy!

Download Facebook Friend Suggestion Troller

Given below is the video tutorial explaining all the steps in detail. 

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