RevenueHits Review: Make Money Blogging Opportunity

Blogging is a great career for many in terms of income and independence as this profession gives enough independence to work on our own which helps to make huge bucks. The money thus earned is sufficient but also enough for their extravagances.   
I personally know many people who quit their full time jobs and concentrated completely on blogging and are successful. There are some more bloggers that are earning $1000 or more even without completing their degrees graduation. You would have come across such persons if you’re in the blogging sphere!

Okay. Is it really that easy to get succeed in this field? What I said till so far looks good for the people who are looking at us. It looks good for them, but the bloogers know how hard it is! Bloggers know that every decision they make huge difference in their earnings.

There are some bloggers that could bring huge traffic to their blogs and end up earning less than $10. It’s true fact. When they can fetch such huge traffic for blogs, why are they unable to convert it into money? Where the problem is lying? 
The advertising networks blame the bloggers, but the country where we are living in also matters. As I’m living in India, the finger points at less eCPM and CPC. No?
Here we are! This is where advertising networks like RevenueHits plays a key role! Now you might have understood that I’m going to tell about this advertising network RevenueHits.
We are going to start now!

What is Revenue Hits?

Revenue hits is an CPA based Ad network. Irrespective of the type of website you have, Revenue Hits displays the ads you based on the traffic that your site has. This brings traffic that advertiser requires.
How it works?

You already know how hard it is to work with networks like Google Adsense and Media Ads. You have to wait for long to get approved and the worst part is that you sometimes get rejected and end up with $0, ie., getting paid noting for the data you have on your site.
You don’t have such issues while working with Revenue Hits. Because it doesn’t need any such requirements and moreover you can start making money right from the first day after getting registered. 

Design and interface of Revenue Hits



I have ever seen the design of this advertising network as beautiful as this. As soon as you have entered into the official site, you will be directed into the login page. After that, you will be allowed to make the code and thus you start making money. As simple as that!
Is Revenue Hits complicated for your website?
Not at all! It is very easy to access. Once after logging into your account, everything is a cake walk. You have to select the place on your site where you want to place the ads. Revenue Hits recommends Shadow Box that helps for high revenue. After clicking on the shadow box, it asks the type of revenue and a description for it. You can skip description, but it is strongly recommended to fill it. So that you can put your thoughts clearly. You can get the ad code by clicking on </> option. The amazing part is that you can get the preview of your ad placement.

Payment Process in Revenue Hits

Like I said before, it is a Cost Per Action based advertising network. It won’t pay you based on the number of clicks on the ads. It pays for the actions like visiting a website or the user phone number that helps for the advertiser apart from just clicking on the ad. 
Based on Revenue Hits, there are some bloggers that are earning around $50-$60 right from the day one after getting registered. The payment will be issued via PayPal, Pioneer or any wire transfer. The ads will be displayed based on the geographic location. 
Finally I’m very much pleased to say that this how Revenue Hits, the Israiel based advertising network is surviving since 2008. 

Let me know if you have any queries on this amazing ad network that fetches you good amount of bucks.

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