Sony Xperia Z5 :Latest News,Launch Date,Specifications.

Sony Xperia Z5 :Latest News,Launch Date,Specifications.

Today being in an advanced technological age , there is no smart phone producer who wants to get a tag of stagnant one. All the top notch companies like Apple , Samsung , LG , HTC , Sony are following the pattern of dynamism by upgrading their technologies time to time.

Like all other top firms are planning to introduce something phenomenal in 2015 , Sony has also planned two surprisingly amazing smart phones for its tech lovers.
Sony is planning to introduce two new members in its Xperia series family ,just to name – Xperia Z4 and Z5. Today tech world is full of rumors about these two smart phones. Though Sony is yet to say anything in this direction , tech experts are done with their own set of features you might expect from Xperia Z5. We shall be talking about specifications and releasing date of Xperia Z5 which will be based on the speculations . So lets quickly hop on to that !!!


RAM – A fantastic RAM is being produced for you which will allow you to have an amazing experience than ever before. You can expect a RAM of 4GB in Xperia Z5. It will give you the space of doing all your tasks on your smart phone.
DISPLAY – A satisfactory display of 5 inches with 4K resolution will be there at your service.
CAMERA – Sony Xperia is going to surprise you with an awesome 27MP rotator Camera to give a chance to create memories with better clarity.
PROCESSOR – Now you would not get fed up due to slow processing speed ! Yes , you will be getting a faster processor namely octa- core 3GHz processor. Now enjoy a faster processking speed.
MEMORY – Now get ready to have a solution of all your storage related issues !! Yes! you are going to have an on-board memory of 128GB.
PROTECTION – Now get immune to various enemies of your smart phone ! Sony xperia Z5 is going to come with waterproof , dust proof and shock proof technology.
To be precise, Sony Xperia Z5 is going to be an amazing smart phones. It has all mind blowing features like 4GB RAM , 3GHz octa- core processor , 5 inches display , 27MP rotator camera , 128GB on-board memory and and and this is not it! Now your smart phone is a fighter one which has got waterproof , dust proof and shock proof technologies. Doesn’t it sound like a perfect smart phone you ever wanted!!
So what’s the next thing going on your mind?? We guess it must be the releasing without wasting much time let’s see what experts has to say in this direction.


As we mentioned in the very beginning, Sony yet has to say anything about the releasing date of Xperia Z5. However , tech experts are able enough that they can give us some tentative releasing dates. According to them and rumors in the tech market, Sony Xperia Z5 is expected to get launched in August or September of 2015.
The details on price are yet to come though its quite obvious that its not going to be low price .

At present we can just rely on these rumors and tech expert’s speculations. So let’s stay connected for more updates and more reliable ones by the firm itself . 
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