How To Reduce PST File Size And Save Email Attachments From Being Lost

PST file size has been an emerging issue for Outlook users because of data storage limit in Outlook. So keeping an eye over PST file size is an important task for every user.Normally,they find out solution to reduce the size of the oversized PST file so that issues like corruption, freezing and handing can be avoided. This section will reveal about professional tool named as PST Compress tool which is a most reliable way to reduce PST file size without losing email attachments which is a most important part of emails.

PST Compress tool is one advanced technique to fix oversizing issues in Outlook. The tool help to remove email attachments from the PST file that automatically leads to reduce the size of PST file. The main cause of PST file size being increased at a higher level is email attachments. So this commercial tool helps to reduce the size of PST file be extracting all attachments out of them. Users can avail the benefits of either deleting all attachments from PST file or can extract and save all email attachments into the system hard drive for further use. The tool can also be used to extract and save email attachments into compressed form in system hard drive.

Qualities Of Compress PST Tool

o    Reduce size of PST file without affecting metadata and original contents
o    Provides options to either delete or keep email attachments from PST file
o    Compact multiple PST files in batch without affecting or losing a single data
o    Compress both ANSI and Unicode PST files without any complications
o    Provides a progress report to show complete details about PST Compress process

Download Requirements And Activation Details    

Name of the Product: PST Compress
Current Version: 3.1
Size of tool: 1.3 MB
Trail Mode: Yes
Windows OS Support: Supports all versions of Windows OS including latest 8.1
Hard Disk Requirements: 5 MB of free hard disk space for installation
RAM: 512 MB of RAM is required, but 1 GB is recommended
Processor: 1 GHz is required, but 2.4 GHz is recommended


MS Outlook must be installed and configured properly in the system
Windows 8.1/8/7 or Vista users are required to run the tool as ‘Run as Administrator’

Benefits From Freeware Version
Demo version of the tool will help to analyze the performance of tool before investing a single penny. Using this freeware version of tool users can avail the benefits of compressing first 5 emails from each PST file folder. Once the results drawn by tool are judged users can go for full version of the tool.

Difference Between Demo And Full Version

Demo version of tool is available for free, but provides limitations for users to compress PST files data. But full version of tool provides the provision of compacting unlimited PST files without any restrictions. The full version of the tool is available into different license as per to the needs that includes Personal, Business and Enterprise license. Suiting to the personal requirements users can invest in any of the licensed version of tool reduce size of PST file.


For obtaining better results from tool, it is necessary to download and operate it properly, so this section will illustrate the full procedure of the PST compress process so that you can also operate it hassle free.

Once downloaded run it from Start > All Programs > Compress PST tool. The initial screen of software looks similar to this:
Click on Add File or Add Folder option to load PST file with the tool for compress PST process. You can also remove a PST file from software wizard, if you find it wrongly added using Remove option.
Also select destination folder to save compressed PST file into the system and click on Compress PST option.
Clicking on Compress PST option will provide compress options to you, choose accordingly and proceed to further by clicking on Compressoption.
You can either choose Remove Attachmentsoption for permanently deleting all email attachments from PST file.
Extract and Save attachments option will provide provision to extract and save all PST file email attachments on hard drive of system.
Extract, Save and Compressattachment option will provide option to extract, save and compress all PST file email attachments into system hard drive.
You can view Progress Report of PST file compress process into software panel.
After completion of PST Compress process software will prompt a message on screen of user stating compress PST process completed successfully.
Users can view compressed PST file from the destination folder.
Observations From Tool

When the overall performance of tool is judged, we get familiar with some pros as well as cons that can help us to judge the capacity of the tool. So let us discuss them in detail:
·         As compare to cons the list of pros of tool are more that includes user interface at number one. The tool has a simple user interface which is operable even by novice users to technical industry. The self-illustrative steps of tool will provide a streamlined process to compress PST file without any complication in way.
·         The second advantage of tool is size of PST file, the manual procedure provided by Microsoft Outlook is not meant to reduce the size of PST only by capturing deleted white space by PST files. Whereas this commercial tool reduces the size of PST file up to 50%,which is like an extravagant facility for users?
·         The tool does not harm any of the property or data of PST file during the compact PST process. The folder hierarchy, metadata and other formatting of PST files remain as it is even after compression process.
The cons list of tool includes only few caveats, one of them include support to only 32 bits Outlook. Users who are running 64 bit Outlook cannot run this tool on system to compress PST files. Another drawback of tool observed by users is it does not provide an option to view the contents of PST file before compressing them.

Final Verdict

The bottom line of the section can easily wound up at stating PST Compress tool is most convenient method to reduce the size of PST file. The tool is an affordable investment for all class of users those who are in search of finding out solution to Compress PST Files.This simple to use application has extravagant facilities too for safeguarding email attachment’s data that are most important in some cases.
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