How To Increase MTNL Broadband Speed

MTNL and BSNL are the top leading Internet Broadband service providers in India, when MTNL covers the metropolitan cities like Mumbai and Delhi, whereas BSNL connects the rest of the India. Apart from direct cable broadband services, they provide landline ot wireless phone connectivity too. Also they can provide data card 2G/3G high speed internet connectivity that is designed for users who usually travel while working.
How to increase MTNL broadband speed: The internet speed is different for both MTNL and BSNL for its users based on the plans chosen by the users. This post will be useful to you if you are facing issues when downloading the data by using these services in India. You just go through the article to learn how to increase MTNL broadband speed.


Keep in mind that you can’t exceed the speed beyond the speed you selected to have. You can only use these tricks if you’re facing any issues in getting the actual speed that the company has promised based on their broadband plan. It is impossible to get the internet speed beyond your plan.
Hence never trust any software that says increase the internet speed by 200%, as most of us see in advertisements. They are either spam or will be full of viruses, which can obviously be harmful to your system. There is no software that can increase the speed beyond the bandwidth provided by your service provider. Go through the following methods to know about how to increase the MTNL Broadband Speed.

 Three methods to increase the speed of MTNL Broadband Speed

Method 1: By allocating the reserved bandwidth.

If you’re using Microsoft Windows, then you can get the 20% of the bandwidth. Because, usually Microsoft Windows will reserve 20% of the bandwidth for itself for the purpose of the future needs. So, if we can deallocate this bandwidth to 0%, then it can be helpful in improvising the current internet browsing and downloading speed. Here is what you have to do to deallocate:
  • Open Run and type gpedit.msc 

If you get an error saying windows can not find gpedit.msc, then you don’t need to worry, It means you’re using the basic Windows 7 or Windows 8, Windows 8.1 versions. To solve this, follow the below path:

  • Go to Computer Configuration – > Administrative Templates -> Network – > Network – > QOS Packet as shown in the below image.
  • Under th QOS Packet Scheduler, you will see an option with the name Limit Reservable Bandwidth. Then right click on it and select properties, else double click on that.
  • Then you will see a setting as not configured which seems something’s wrong, but by default, windows reserves that 20% bandwidth. Then click on the box that is enabled and then set the bandwidth limit upto 0% as shown in the image.

Method 2: By Changing The DNS Address

This is one of most used and proven methods to improvise Internet Speed.
Go to your network adapter settings, then select TCP/IP where you can see the DNS speed. Now enter any of the DNS addresses given below.
  • Preferred DNS –
  • Alternate DNS –

OR (Optional)

  • Preferred DNS –
  • Alternate DNS –

Method 3: Using TCP/IP Optimizer

You can make the user of a third party software like TCP/IP optimizer to increase your internet speed. Download it from here.
  • Start the TDP Optimizer and then go to general settings. Move the internet speed slider to 1 MB or to the limit provided by the Internet Service Provider.
  • After fixing the slider position to the speed you want, check the mark in the optimal box as shown below
These were some of the best ways to increase mtnl internet downloading browsing speed 2015. If you have any problem or queries regarding increasing mtnl internet speed trick comment below.
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