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Email marketing is important for a blog as important as its content.  If you have good content with low competitive keywords, it is sure that your site is going to be ranked for sure. But the question raises how to keep the viewers or subscribers updated with your updates? Is there a way to do that? Well, there are many ways to stay in keep your customers updated and one of them is email subscription. In my view this is the best way to send the news to the subscribers and informing about the offers, giveaways, order confirmations and much more.

This is the best way to promote your product and make money from it. If you’re an expert in bloggign, you might have known about the importance of email marketing via Amazon SES, but you need to have some experience in accessing it. Moreover, it is expensive. I’m saying about Amazon. Are there any alternatives for this? Yes, there are certain alternatives for this that are available at low cost and the best features. Yes, I’m saying about MailGet which has high quality services at a cheap price.


What is MailGet?

MailGet is the best option for you if you’re one of those guys who want to have thousands on subscribers for your blog. This is nothing but an email marketing service which doesn’t need any kind of technical knowledge or knowledge in designing. You can send tons of emails using Amazon SES.

MailGet Features

Simple Dashboard:

Understanding is what anyone needed at the beginning of any field. Since many newbies are coming into this field of email marketing. Email marketing is such a place where little bit of technical knowledge is required. But if you choose MailGet as your source, there is no need to do a reasearch kind of thing to use it. The things are very simple to use and you can understand the dashboard with an ease as there are many options at your finger tip.

Drag and Drop Email Builder

Like I said, you don’t need to have any sort of technical or designing skills to make the use of this tool. Then how to use it? You just have to drag and drop the files you want to build attractive emails within a span of minutes.

The email list is unlimited here. If you have any sort of idea about how email marketing works, you can sense that most of the tools provide limited number of mails at an expensive cost. But in MailGet, you can use as number of mails as you can based on your requierment at cheap price. Now do you agree this is the best service ever in the field of email marketing?

Easy email tracking:

Tracking your mails is one of the most important task. The owner must know whether your desired subscriber of the viewer has opened the mail, or did he/she click on the link, you need to find answers for many such questions right? It is easy when you’re using MailGet.

MailGet offers three different at three different prices. Let us have a look at each:

mailget price

Plan 1:

This is the best for the newbies since they are new in the field and can’t invest more here. Here in this plan, you can get ut most of 10,000 mails at the price of $29. Isn’t it enough for a newbie to kick start?!

Plan 2:

If you have an idea on what is all going on in the field of email marketing and you have an idea on what type of subscriber you have to aim at, then better go for this one which has an offer of 50,000 mails at the cost of $49.

Plan 3:

This is the best one for the top email marketrs. It costs you $79 and you can get 1,00,000 mails to your list.

Final Word:

I personally suggest you to go with MailGet because you have as many options here and you can use it according to your need. Seldon you can find services like these.

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