How to block IP address to secure your computer

Internet has changed a lot in past couple of years. Hackers and malicious programs have been became more powerful than before. So it’s important to protect your computers or any other digital device from those hazardous. Also it’s more important to look after the personal information and other important files stored in your machine. You can do this by many security tools and antivirus products.

Block IP address

Though, if you utilize internet to surf sites and downloading your needs then you need another level of protection for your device from online threats. There is a software called bot revolt that automatically block insecure IP’s automatically and protects your device.

So, Common let’s start how to block  IP address to secure your computer. Shall we? Okay scroll..

How to Block IP Address easily

What is it and How much it is Helpful

As I told you above that bot revolt is one of the best IP blocking software available out here. And it’s totally free of cost. Bot revolt scans each and every connection that your computer made with others and vice versa. It scans all incoming and outgoing links with his database (sources include BlockList Pro, I-BlockList, FraudWatch International, and more on). If bot revolt found a match then in the mean time the connection will routinely closed and your computer will be protected.

This software has shaped the one most important blacklists of spiteful sources from the lists of MSO (Major Security Organizations) like BlockList Pro, I-BlockList, FraudWatch International. When you install this software your device will get full protection from harmful IP’s and bad servers.
And secondly bot revolt also machinery with your installed antivirus. So it’s a full attestation shield in your computer.

Install Bot Revolt and Prevent Malicious Access to your computer

There are two options available for downloading bot revolt. You can download the free version by click below or you can select premium the version by paying small amount of fee which little more security features.

To download free version, click the free trail link and enter your name and email address.

Now, download the Bot Revolt free from your inbox and install the setup in your computer

Bot Revolt free Limitations

Yeah! You heard it right, this tool has some borders. For an example :- if your device is infected with any Trojans and that Trojan makes connections with others devices to send your data then bot revolt can only close the connection if it programmed in bot revolt’s database but cannot remove the Trojan or malware from your computer. If you want remove the Trojan from your computer then you need use the best antivirus software. And one thing you need to know that the free version has contained ads and not regularly updated like pro version.

Download : Bolt Revolt Free download 


You recognized the process about how to block IP address to secure your computer. All you need is Bot Revolt (free) to perform on your PC/laptop. Also it has added an extra layer safeguard which is fully compatible with antivirus software. So, go and give it a try and share your experience, problems or if you require help regarding this method then feel free to ask. We’re always ready to help you. It would be very nice for our readers if you know or share any better software or process to do?

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