How to Reset Forgotten Mac User Password in Recovery Mode


Do you know how to reset forgotten Mac user Password Without CD Or Boot Drive in recovery mode? It is the most natty way to reorganize your Mac password when all the other options not working for you. When you don’t have any CD or Boot drive then this trick is the best from many people’s point of vision. The best part of this trick it supports factually the entire versions. And it’s sure fire you about resetting your Mac OS X Password. So let’s scroll down and follow the below tutorial:-

How to Reset Forgotten Mac User Password in Recovery Mode

Methods to Reset Forgotten Mac User Password in Recovery Mode

Step 1: Boot into Single User Mode and remove a set up file

At first restart your Mac device while holding Command+S Keys. It will lead you to the single user mode and its terminal edge.

Then you need to check file system :
fsck –fy
Afterward you need mount the source drive for saving the changes.
mount -uw /

Now type the commands exactly shown below go after by the enter key.
rm /var/db/.applesetupdone

If you correctly done the above step then you successfully remove the applesetupdone file. Now you need to reboot so just type “reboot” and press enter key.

Step 2 : Create a New User Account upon System Boot

Wait! The process is not completely done yet. But the hardest are over. From now no more command files to deal with and in this step you will be recognizable Mac OS X GUI. In this step we will create a new user account just like when you got the MAC at first.
When your device reboot you will be taken to usual “Welcome Wizard” like when you firstly used your Mac device.

Now follow the screen commands and create a new user account. But keep in mind that you need give the different name from the account you want reset.

Now boot into your device and with new account. Your new user account has an administrator and has its access.

Step 3: Reset the Forgot Password via System Preferences

You are just few steps away from resetting your forgotten user account. In this last step you need to just reset your password via account control panel.

After booting your Mac OS X, click on the apple logo. Then navigate to system preferences.
Not hit the “Accounts” option in system preferences.

Now click on the lock sign in the lower left corner of accounts preference windowpane and give the newly created user information. It permits to you change other account and rearrange other accounts passwords.

Then on the left side user panel select the account that clutch forgotten password.
After selecting the user account click on the “Reset Password” option.
Now give a strong password and a meaningful hint. So you don’t ever forget the password!

Then close all tasks and reboot your device.
Congratulations! Now you can login in your previous account with this new password. All the files maintained as same as before the password forgotten.

Reset Mac Password – with installer CD/DVD, boot drive, or Recovery Mode Partition

If you have any installer disk or drives then it will be so effortless to rest your forgotten password. The techniques you use, will depends on the OS X version that your device running. Let’s go-

For OS X Mavericks (10.9), Mountain Lion (10.8), and Lion (10.7) with Recovery Mode:

  • Firstly boot into the boot loader menu by pressing the option at the system boot start up.
  • Now choose your desired boot drive and boot into recovery and wait until the “utilities” screen appears.
  • Then drag down the “utilities” menu and choose “terminal” option.
  • After that at the command line, type “resetoassword” without any quotes or space.
  • Now confirm the account password and then normally reboot your Mac device.
  • For Mac OS X Snow Leopard (10.6), Leopard (10.5), and before with install DVD/CD:
  • At first place in the DVD into device then reboot it.
  • Now boot the disk by pressing “C” at system start.
  • Afterwards select the languages. Then below the “utilities” menu choose “Password Rest”
  • Now choose the hard drive where the forgotten password is in. Next select the user name of that
  • forgotten password, then you need to enter a new password so enter it.
  • Now reboot your Mac OS S like before and use you recently password as login.
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