3 Easy Ways to Unroot Any Rooted Android Device

Welcome back guys today we are here with some awesome tricks which you all might love and will to use for unrooting your anroid mobile phone. If you rooted it anytime. In today’s generation mostly we all love to keep android phone rather than iPhone or windows phone or any other platfrom as its not even a safe platform but trustable also as it offers many games and other kinda software for our utility and daily use. Android is the only mobile platfotm which can be easily rooted and we can crack any software for our use. (but its not safe, do not try a home 😛 ).

Beneath those words above, if you have a android rooted phone and wanted to unroot it then you are at right place because today you will get to know about 3 Easy Ways to Unroot Any Rooted Android Device.

UNRoot Your Rooted Android Device Using Android Root Browser

  • At first, search for android browser in play store and download it on your phone
  • Now, open /System/ and then click on /Bin/ and open it. When you open /Bin/ you will find a filed named su. Simply click on the file and delete it.
  • If your phone do not have any folder named SU then skip this step and come to next.
  • Now, you need to find out /XBIN/ and then open it and search for folder SU and delete it.
  • Now, navigate to /System/App/ and delete superuser.apk from the source and restart your mobile phone.

UNRoot Your Rooted Android Device Using SuperSu

  • At first, download the app named SuperSu from google play store.
  • After you download finishes let the all install.
  • Now open the app and click on Settings -> Full Unroot. Now it will unroot your whole phone automaticallu without doing it yourself.

supersu root

  • Now, when you have finally unrooted your device, restart your device and unistall the supersu app. Now your phone is fully unrooted without much work.

UNRoot Your Rooted Android Device Using Factory Data Reset / Android Data Reset.

Note : This process will completely remove all the data and apps from your phone. So make sure that you have backup of your data beforing proceeding for this step 🙂

  • Now, at first open settings on your phone and then click on backup and reset. Now take a backup or if no option is available it might be that your device is daily backup-ed on your google drive account.
  • Now you will need to take backup, if no backup option is available kindly skip this step.
  • Now, click on Factory data reset and the enter your phone unlock password or pattern and click on FACTORY RESET DATA.

factory reset data

  • Now your phone will take multiple boots and will be back to its factory settings and your phone will automatically unrooted.


We hope that you all loved and enjoyed our post on 3 Easy Ways to Unroot Any Rooted Android Device by easy and fast methods(tested). Please drop your feedback as comments and do share the post as you know sharing is caring and sexy too. 😛

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