How To Improve PS4 Controller Battery Life in 3 steps!

Play Station 4(PS4) is an outstanding device for gaming maniacs and its Duel shock 4 joy pad is superb for gaming and it’s quite better than previous versions. Plus duel shock 4 will respite comfortable in your hands and the buttons, triggers and analogue sticks feel right.

Sony PS4 is a next-gen gaming console and all of his features are excellent except the battery life. There are a few parts of handle of use that causes the 8 hour long battery stamina on PS4 to drain the battery quickly. Several users said the bright light bar on its back but unfortunately it’s not the only the main offender.

PS4 Controller Battery Life

Therefore, I am going give you some tips and tricks that will increase your PS4 stamina for last longer. Common, let’s seek out how to improve PS4 controller battery life?

How to improve PS4 controller battery life

1) Reduce the Brightness of the PS4 Controller’s Light Bar

Let’s begin with a smart method. Reduce the brightness to the least effect to extend and it’s a non-brainier idea to start as I said above guys.

One thing you need to know that you cannot completely turn off the light bar but you can reduce it so that the battery drains slowly. Follow the below process to do that:-

On your PS4 go to Settings > Devices > Controllers > Brightness and set it to the as lowest as possible brightness setting.

2) Disable Vibration on your PS4 Controller

Vibration is an essential part while gaming because it’s a more weighty effect. Everybody loves to feel the grumble in Racing or an enjoyable kick of a rifle in Destiny. But do you this vibration also consumes your battery staying power. So follow the below steps to turn if off :-

On your PS4 go to Settings > Devices > Controllers > Enable Vibration then uncheck the box and vibration will be turned off.

3) Reduce the Volume of your PS4 controller

Sony Play Station 3 also has speakers. This speakers can blast out your battery stamina quickly so we should turn if off for saving the battery drain. Here are the steps to do it-

On your PS4 go to Settings > Devices > Controllers > Volume Control and then low the volume level as much as you can.

4) Switch Off  you PS4 console Automatically

It’s the prime factor behind your consoles fast battery draining surely because you can’t shut if off while it runs. So, you should recognize to turn it off automatically to save battery but how? Check it out below:-

At first, navigate to PS4 settings -> Power saving -> Choose auto Turn off Dual shock 4. Now, set  it to default 10 minutes or else you can select 30 or 60 Min.


That’s all you need to know about how to improve PS4 controller battery life? So, if you’re using PS4 or going to buy it then I’m sure it’ll help you to extend battery life.  By this way, you can enjoy trouble-free gaming. Do you know any other method or if you’ve any query then ask below, we’ll try out best to solve. Lastly, If you’ve enjoyed and think it’s share worthy then give us a few minutes to share this post with your friends.

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