Top 30+1 Excel Tips And Tricks 2015

Welcome folks, today at techhug we are going to share some awesome tips and tricks for Microsoft excel to influence your business partner or investors or your boss / head of the department or office.
Everyone knows that how they can create spreadsheets, tables and impress their head or company. What if your partner is more smarter, what will you do then for these time you should have knowledge that how you can convert your spreadsheet data into a graph to make your excel look filled and awesome and only you will attract the investors and head of your company towards the project and get promoted 😛 . (i guess i i caught you to read more 😛 ). So that’s the main reason behind the article, Top 3+1 Excel Tips And Tricks.

3 + 1 tips n tricks to success a excel

Top Excel Tricks 2015

Creating Charts
Charts are a good way to discuss and split the data into each group with easy understanding.
If you want to create a chart, then you should enter data into the Excel Sheeg with column headers, then click on insert ->Chart -> Chart Type. In excel 2013 it includes a recommended Charts section with layout preseny on the type of data you are / were working on. Once the general version of the chart is completed, go to the chart tools menus to customize / edit it.

Selecting All Rows, Columns And Groups At Once
You must know how to select all columns, rows and groups at once because sometimes due to system failure you might lose your data or you get notice that click here to get back your data, at that moment you should copy all rows, columns and groups of the spreadsheet and paste in a new one because by chance if you again lose your data due to one more failure. The easy and only way to select all rows, columns and groups of a excel sheet is the combination of CTRL + A.

Opening Excel Files In Bulk
Sometimes it becomes necessary to open files in bulk for a good presentation or if you want to view all files and match the content inside the spreadsheets or some other works. 🙂 . Now, main part is here, to open many spreadsheets at once you should copy / paste the files in a folder and select them with CTRL + A and open ’em or simply if you have a complicated folder then you should select files with clicking on CTRL + Cursor on file which you want to select. =D

Move And Copy Data In Spreadsheet
If you want to move / copy column of data in a spreadsheet, the better and fast way is to select it and move the pointer to the border, after it get converted to a crossed arrow icon, drag and move it in free form. Main thing now to move the columns the best method is select the required columns and drag it to the place where you want to move it. 🙂

Hope to know that you liked to know the tips and tricks to make a excel more interesting. If you any trick is added by mistake on our post Top 3+1 Excel Tips And Tricks then please comment below and share it as much as you can as you know that sharing is caring and sexy too. 😛

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