Top 5 Voice Calling Apps In iPhone

Welcome folks, today we are here with all new post on Top 5 Voice Calling Apps In iPhone, only the title is new but i guess you have already heard of some of the voice calling apps which you might use and we will also write for the same, i know that there are a lot of apps for android OS and they are free so today our main focus is that we will write on free 5 voice calling apps in iphone for your use which you might love and start using it on daily basis, in our list their are most common voice calling apps as on my review and use these mentioned  apps are best to use if you have a good internet connection.

Free Voice calling apps for iphone

Best Free Voice Calling Apps for iPhone


Tango i guess you all might have heard about this popular app as this not only available on IOS but also for android, windows phone / PC,  amazon kindle and blackberry, Most of the people are using tango as their primary calling software as this a totally free service for voice and video calling online among users from different location and devices. If you have a wifi or a cellular data connection then you and your friend can also use this app for free calling purposes. =D


Line is a very good app for users who love to call each other for free or on VOIP without spending a single penny but yeah you would require a good internet connection for it. In line you can also chat and video call with each for free on internet connection and yeah you must be users of line, if you are not then become a member now and enjoy free voice and video calling with chatting services. =D


Skype is a great app for those who love calling each other frequently and are always connected to internet connection,  Skype is a very popular app as it this app is was developed in 1980s and was introduced to WEB version on PC only sooner it was available for android and windows phone and now also for your iPhone. To use Skype you and your friends will require an Skype id which they will get by singing up for Skype or by connecting your Facebook account with Skype will give you an Skype id and name without any hassle.

We Chat

I guess you have heard the name before or you might be using this app on your iPhone from some couple of days, weeks or months. We chat is a good app if you love to voice and video call / chat with your friends online with spending your cellular data or WiFi data, in this you will need to sign up for the app, after sign up you can do all the above service plus you can also do conference call on it and yes for free but its not that good always a network error comes up( already tried.). =D


Viber is a good app on my basis as i have used this app very rough and tough(a sort of). This app i a free app but you will require to to sign up for this app, same like others. In this app you can have voice / video calls with your friends and family members over internet and can also chat with sending more than 2000 stickers for free, this app has a huge database and have more than 1 million trusted users using this app today.


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