How to Transfer Photos from iPhone to Computer

Most of you may start a debate on this, but it’s a true fact that iPhone best when it comes to applications and you can’t just simply shift to Android after using an iPhone. That’s the reason it has been one of the most popular communication tools in the world. The features that an iPhone carries in certain things like that high-pixel built-in camera and the feature of portability that people like to take the pics with their iPhone than a digital camera or any other device in their daily life. Thought the phone has got enough storage capacity, it is not enough to save the pictures that one takes all through their life, right? At some point, you will face a tough situation that you are left with no choice except to delete the old pics! Sad, but true. So is there any solution to stop this? The immediate answer from anyone would be transfer them to some other device or to a PC! Good idea, but how to do it? Is it that easy to transfer the photos from an iPhone to you personal computer? I say it is easy, and this is what the article is all about!

You might ask us why we are not mentioning about transferring iPhone pictures along with iTunes, right? Thing is that, iTunes is the one-way tool that has no ability to transfer or move the files from one device to another. That’s the reason iPhone can only transfer the iTunes and that’s what it is meant for. Let’s make a kick start for the complete guideline on how to transfer photos from iPhone to computer.

To know about transferring files from iPhone to a computer, one need to have a third party program and we suggest you the MobiKin Assistant for iOS.

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The process of how to transfer the photos from iPhone to PC is done in 3 simple clicks. First Connect – Select – Export the pictures. There are no technical skills required for this and no virus is transferred in this process. It’s not going to damage the data on your device and the pictures that are exported are saved in the same quality in which they are transferred. That’s the way you can view the pictures or share them on your computer from anywhere.]

Steps on Transferring Photos from iPhone 6/6 Plus/5/5S/4S toPC/Mac

Step 1:

Install and run the program on the computer and make sure that iTunes are installed on your PC. Once after the device is detected, you can see an interface that shows information regarding your device and then files are divided into different folders on the left panel. Then click on the below.

Step 2:

Now choose ‘Photos’ in the panes and you can preview all the pictures that are stored from your iPhone and mark the ones that you want to export.

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The photos can be viewed in the program according to the List or Thumbnail mode, you can easily select one of the pictures as you like.


Step 3:

Since you’re done with the first two steps successfully now, you can easily get over through this step. Click on the ‘Export’ button to transfer and after that, click on the path, ‘File – > Open Export Folder” to check the output file as soon as possible. You can also click on ‘Advanced -> Options” to change the output folder before the beginning of the transferring process.

Simple right? What are you waiting for now? Just get a backup and save the data before getting deliberately vanished!

Facing technical issues? Leave the issue in the comment section and out technical team will contact you within no time. Hope you had a great read.

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