How To Prevent MACBOOK Charger/ Adapter From Overheating


Apple’s newly launched MacBook Air 13.3 inch is an excellent gadget in recent times and it has dominated the whole market. But there is something we need to concern about. While using MacBook some of us faced a common problem and that is its overheating. It’s one of the main problems of MacBook that within the usage of 5-10 minutes it heats up very hot. So, today I am going share useful tips which can use for preventing MacBook charger/adapter from overheating.

Besides, for overheating problem sometimes charger doesn’t work at all. This occurs because few wall circuits have extreme line of noise like voltage spikes and dropouts which can happen frequently to your adapter. And when this thing occurs these voltage spikes triggers the adapter’s over power protection which alerts the temperate sensor and hence, it will quickly turn off the working of adapter in order to prevent short circuit or burning.

macbook charger heat

And you should know that the MacBook chargers or power adapter comes up 60 watt or 85 watt adapter and it can cause overheating due to lacking power supply.


While using MacBook if you get smoke from your adapter then UN-plug it as quickly as possible and not use that adapter again. Because, if any adapter creates smokes it basically indicates that something is flaming inside and if not then, it can also blast at any time so it always better to take provision from beginning. And you should make contact with Apple’s service center to replace your adapter with a new one.

So, whenever you notice that your MacBook charger is not responding or not working then it clearly means that charger’s temperature sensor is prompted for the over voltage problem. But don’t panic just UN-plug the charger for 10-15 minutes and then plug it once more afterwards. And it will work fine.
Also, while using the device if you heard any noise then it may cause because of poor cabling inside you’re the adapter. For this issue you can contact Apple for Mag Safe connector to replace your adapter.

Now we have come to our final chapter about how you can prevent your MacBook charger/adapter from overheating. First of all make sure that there is earthing enable system in your residence. If your house is not earthing enabled then immediately contact an electrician to do that thing.

After doing that try to charge your MacBook once again and you’ll surely feel the difference. Also you can see that the device is not overheating so badly like earlier. And if you want to check whether the earthing is enable or not then just plug your charger and start charging.

While charging touch the backside of Mac or touch the nearby side of Apple’s logo; if you feel any vibration like current of something then earthing is not enable in your house or if you don’t sense any vibration then the earthing system is purely enabled in your house.

If still your adapter is getting hot badly then stop using your Mac while charging for 5-10 minutes and it should come down to normal. And once charger is back to normal, you can start using your Mac again.

Is your Mac’s adapter still getting hot quickly then I’ll recommend you that not to use the device when charging up to 10-15 minutes thus it’ll be okay after a while. Therefore, don’t use your Mac until it becomes normal. So, give it sometime to be charged and then you are ready to use. That’s all you should know about how to prevent MACBOOK charger/ adapter from overheating?????

It has worked so far but if you’ve any problem during the process then let us know. We’re always ready and steady to help you out.   😆

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    yes you are right many people face this problem and also i am because forget to unplug the charger many time thanks for the tips amazing thanks for all


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