The Outstanding New Project – Sobha Ivory in Pune

The city of Pune emerged as one of the most prominent new housing options in the country. The city is known to have become one of the largest exporters of IT services in the country. But it has not restricted itself there. It is fast emerging as a hub of bio technology research as well. Then there are also automobile engineering and consultancy businesses thriving in the city. As a result of this high demand for housing in the country, the overall growth in demand for property here has increased. The city was also impacted by the recession and by the time the markets re-emerged, it was clear that the demand for housing was spread out along a bandwidth. On one end of this bandwidth were affordable houses and on the other end there are luxury properties. Pune has had the privilege of having the second Trump Towers launched in the city. The overall growth in demand for housing in the city has emerged quite prominently in the city. The property business is thriving. But what is clear is that the demand for housing in the country is now governed by consumer sentiments. The overall growth in demand for property across the country has emerged in the form where the say of the property seekers is considered to be paramount. Therefore innovation has come about in the property development and the builders are offering the best kind of properties along the whole bandwidth.

This is where Sobha Ivory Pune has emerged as one of the most prominent new projects in the city. The project has been designed to meet the modern urban needs of the property seekers. The project is being developed in the Kondhwa locality of Pune.

What does Sobha Ivory offer?

The Sobha Ivory project has been designed to offer the maximum comfort to the residents of the city. The overall growth in demand for housing may have increased but the builders have focussed on the needs of the end users. For one, there are 3 BHK accommodations available here. The builders are offering large houses to ensure that the property seekers are able to lead a quality life in generously sized accommodations amidst natural surroundings. The smallest apartments in the Sobha Ivory Kondhwa have an area of almost one thousand five hundred square feet. The largest among them have an area of one thousand seven hundred square feet. That makes these apartments distinctly large among most modern offerings.

Additionally, the project offers indoor gaming facility and amphitheatre in excess to the gym and swimming pool. The Kondhwa locality is an up and coming locality in the city of Pune and it is considered to be one of the most prominent new housing option in the region. Its access to the IT hub of the city makes it desirable. The property value have steadily increased over the years here.

The builder profile

Sobha Ivory is one of the most prominent new property related options in the city of Pune. This project has been developed by Sobha Limited; a company that was established in 1994 and has been responsible for the development of almost one hundred and fifty projects till date.

In Conclusion

Sobha Ivory can be considered to be one of the most dependable housing options in Pune.

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