Top 5 Messaging App For iPhone

Welcome folks, today we are back here with one of the old and greatest thing which we all love to do while connected to internet that is chatting with your favorite friends or family members they can be anyone like your sister or mother or girl friend either boy friend. If we come in our past time there was not much messaging apps available for iPhone users as compared to today’s generation but still many of the people doesn’t know them that which they should use and what is better for them to pass time when they are free, that’s why today we are here with Top 5 Messaging App For iPhone.

Top 5 Messaging App For iPhone

Best Free Messaging Apps for iPhone


WhatsApp is  a much popular app used by most of the people or you can say 90% of world’s population uses WhatsApp on daily basis. As its not only a good messaging platform but also uses less data which saves us for purchasing a new mobile data pack :p (don’t be serious). In Simple words WhatsApp is a cross platform messaging app used by many people in world for connection and chatting purposes, Recently mark zuckerberg took over WhatsApp and introduced a new feature in it with a great design, you must check it out if you have a smartphone.


Skype is an very good app for people who love to chat and have free video calls and voice calls over internet, on my basis Skype is a far better app rather than whatsapp but still some features lack due to which it is targeted on second position in our list. I guess that you all have come across-ed skype on your PC / Laptop or from some of your friend. We recommend you to use this app if you love travelling or some of your family member.

Facebook Messenger

I guess all of you have heard about facebook right then it might be possible that you have also heard about Messenger too as its a part of facebook for smartphones which allows you to chat with your friends without consuming high cellular or WiFi data, you use this app to chat with your facebook friends only. 😀


Line is also good app for you guys if you all love connecting with new people daily and also if you want to contact someone in your relation, its very easy to use Line. Its just same as the whatsapp but the only difference in it is that you can also call people in different countries without any international cost charges, it would hardly cost you around 5 MB for a talk of 30 Mins. So i guess this app is a must use app if you and friends are connected to internet always.

Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts is very cool app for people like me as i always want someone to keeping talking with me always and this app makes this thing possible as with this app we can have a online video / audio call from our phone’s to PC and vise versa so its a very helpful app on my basis which people should use if they want to call from phone to PC / Laptop but remember main thing is you should be connected to internet always.


We hope that you all have enjoyed to read our post on Top 5 Messaging App For iPhone. Please do share this post as much as you can because sharing is caring, and at last do make as much as comments with your questions as we love to give answers. 😛

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