Top 5 Paid iPhone Games In 2015

A very warm welcome to you guys, today we have some awesome games, which i oftenly play to pass the bad times on my iPhone but the main thing is that these games are paid but really interesting to play. As you all know that playing games keeps us fit 😛 (but its software gaming how will it help 😛 ). Today we will discuss some of the best iPhone games ever launched in the markets and in between the gamers. Our today’s topic is Top 5 Paid iPhone Games In 2015, get your real content below gamers 😀

Top 5 Paid iPhone Games In 2015


Badland is very interesting and easy game to play and understand. Basically in this game you to go through a forest without hitting any obstacles and falling into the traps or pits in the game, in the game you need save your character by sliding him with your fingers and complete the run and that’s all, at first it seems to be boring but when you start playing this game you will be addicted to it.

GTA SanAndreas

If you love to play games made by GTA then you must give a try to this game, its somehow like the PC version but there are also some change which makes you to purchase and play GTA SanAndreas on your iPhone. Their are modifications and new add ups in character and car models, their are also higher graphics and enhanced audio and video quality.

Tiny Wings

Tiny wings is a very interesting game plus you will love to play this game and will play untill you reach the target(you can play more 😛 ). Basically in simple words the game is very easy but a little hard also because if the game would not be hard how will it be interesting. In this game you will require to help a bird going through the hills and take it to the end without touching the things (rock, land, etc.) to complete the game. The game seems to be boring by reading but you should play it once and experience the game for sure. 😛

Cut The Rope 2

I guess you have heard the name before some where also, right ? if its then yes you are totally correct that now this amazing game is also available for your iPhone with IOS 6+ , if you haven’t heard the name before then you must try this game and opt to play it once, in this game you will need cut rope of one candy and made it like that it falls in the mouth of the animal present below in the game.

Fruit Ninja

Its the last game in our list but remember its not the least. This game is very simple and easy to play or might you have played it before on other device, now this game is also available on iPhone but its an paid game for it where you can get this game on your PC for free from the chrome store. In this game you need to crush the fruits coming towards you(not in reality 😛 ) with your fingers but remember don’t crush the bombs as it will end the game.

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