How to add .avi .mkv videos to itunes / iphone – Solved

Hello everyone, today we are to solve .mkv video itune import problem, now days when we download any video or movie on internet it comes .mkv format but unfortunately itunes/iphone doesn’t support .mkv video format, now on this surely you get frustrated when you try again and again to send .mkv format video file to itunes/iphone..!!

mkv to mp4


Today we are here to solve .mkv video format problem for itunes/iphone, simplt follow the below steps to solve this .mkv itunes issue.

Ways To Convert AVI & MKV Files To Add Videos To iTunes

1) Open the folder or drive where your .mkv file is located.

2) Now right click on the .mkv file and slect rename the folder.

3) Now simply remove the “.mkv” from the file and replace it by “.mp4” and press the enter to save.

That’s it folks !! Now you can transfer your file to iphone/itunes. in 99% cases the above trick will solve your issue buy if you failed on this then you can use the below software to convert the .mkv format to .mp4.

Softwares to conver .mkv video to .mp4

1) HandBrake
2) VLC
3) Video Converter
4) FaaSoft
You can also transfer iphone videos to iPhone/iPad/PC/Mac with this free iPhone manager

So these are few tools which will help you to convert .mkv format to itunes/iphone video format, hope you liked the article and share your love with us to share this article on social media. Cheers !!

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