GetResponse Vs iContact Vs VerticalResponse

GetResponse Vs iContact Vs VerticalResponse

Do you want to send any important email to a number of subscribers and you are not sure which software to use. Don’t worry you are not alone. There are hundreds of people who wanted to start online business and they need a good email marketing tool badly. There are hundreds of email marketing tools having their own features and benefits. As we all know email marketing is growing every other day, and a number of new email marketing tools are also being introduced every other day. Email marketing tools are evolving with not only advance services but also with advance tech features.

GetResponse, Vertical Response and iContact are also top email marketing tools with unique features. Let’s have a look on the features of them and decide who is better among them. So you will have an idea which one to choose.

In the article below we will be discussing pros and cons of GetResponse, Vertical response and iContact.

What Should Email Marketing have in common?

It is important to define, what email marketing tools should have in common. Following are the three key features every email marketing tool must possess.

Anti Spam Policies:
Any email marketing brand must have Anti spam tool in order to blacklist the subscriber who misbehaved. All the top email marketing tools including GetResponse, Vertical Response , iContact usually have anti spam measures. It helps to maintain your credibility among the subscribers.

Newsletter Archive:
Many email marketing tools including Constant Contact usually offers either paid or free email archiving service. This service enables you to archive your old newsletter on your website. Your newsletter that contains important business detailed can be archived on your website and can be searched when required.


I am discussing GetResponse first because it is the winner of all email marketing software’s. The user friendly interface and email intelligence of GetResponse makes it one of the Top Email marketing tool across the whole world. More than 350,000 subscribers of GetResponse across the globe are enough to prove that GetResponse is surely user friendly and easy to use email marketing tools. Lets discuss some of the pros and cons of GetResponse.


  • Provides you better split testing as compared to other email marketing tools.
  • Delivery rate of GetResponse is 99%.
  • Enables its users to Generate mobile friendly Emails.
  • GetResponse reduces the chances of error. As it offer you to preview emails before sending.
  • GetResponse enables you to add images to your emails as it has stock images, more than thousand in number.
  • If you want to analyze working of any campaign, GetResponse offers A/B testing service. Using A/B testing service you can figure out the success of any campaign.

  • GetResponse enables you to build sign up forms for Facebook or any other website.
  • Auto respondent 2.0 enables you to send time and event based emails.
  • Offers the feature to design custom landing pages.

  • Provides you free survey feature to analyze the success of your campaign.
  • Offers free trial for 30 days.
  • Offers more than 500 templates and enables you to make your own design.

  • Enables you to edit your emails by simple drag and drop option.


  • GetResponse does not offer any free plan.
  • Google Analytics is only accessible with integration.
  • Unlike other services, Email customization is limited.
  • It does not offer any phone support on weekend.
  • Once you have uploaded images to their database it would be difficult to find imported images to use.
  • Sometimes, users are supposed to pay extra for dedicated IP address.


Vertical Response is in business since 2001, and they are trying to become advance every year. It is among top email marketing softwares. Some new and unique features have been introduced last year. See their pros and cons below:


  • VerticalResponse introduced free plan recently and it is one of the best free plan among all other email marketing tools.

  • They also introduced auto respondent, that enables its users to send event or time based emails to the large number of subscribers.
  • Have more than 1 million subscribers.
  • Offers social media dashboard feature, that enables its users to schedule updates on social media websites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.
  • It can be easily accessed from any browser.
  • Provides real time reporting along with statistics, to analyze the success of any campaign.

  • Offers a free plan for 30 days, allowing you to send 4000 emails to up to 1000 subscribers. Well it’s free plan beats all other email marketing tools.
  • Enables list segmentation along with other management tools. This feature enables you to send emails to different sub groups.
  • Offers “Pay as you Go’’ option. This option provides you flexibility in payments every month.
  • Good Support community.


  • Does not have built in surveys.Spam checking tool is limited.
  • Poor contact management tools.
  • Does not offer image hosting.
  • Expensive.


iContact is on number 3 in the best email marketing tools. It has now number of advanced features and a lot of benefits that helps you to make your campaign successful. iContact offers a wide array of features in very reasonable price. The Premium feature of iContact is its selling point. Lets have a look on the Pros and cons of iContact listed below.


  • Have Unique and Advance message building tools.Efficient email delivery.
  • Improved Tacking.

  • Offers more than 600 templates enabling its users to select design and layout of their own choice.

  • Ultimate numbers of emails to subscribers.
  • Enables you to build your own message by drag and drop tool.
  • Spam checking tool.
  • Free Trial of 30 days.
  • iPhone and Android apps.
  • Flexible options for signing up on social websites.


  • News list is limited, you are not allowed to send emails to more than 15000 subscribers.
  • Customer support is only available on working days.
  • Does not have internal survey.
  • Website loading is slow.

Which one is better?

Email marketing tools, GetResponse, iContact and Vertical response have their own features. They have pros and cons at the same time but when we compare GetResponse with Vertical Response and iContact, Of course GetResponse is the winner. Following are the few reasons, why I am recommending you GetResponse over Vertical Response and iContact.

  1. You will be treated like a family here. It is one of the best services across the globe.
  2. The features are huge and up to date.
  3. I will be using three words here, It is Cheap, cheap and cheap. Trust me.
  4. It is easy and simple in use as compared to its key competitors.
  5. It is generous, as compared to its competitors I mean very Generous, you can use free trial for 30 days without providing credit call details in advance.
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