Top 5 Best Money Making Apps for Smartphone (Android/IOS)

Welcome folks today we are here to discuss on Top 5 Best Money Making Apps for Smartphone (Android/IOS). These apps are best rated apps to use for your android or ios device to make money from them and even that much you can purchase same smartphone once again. 😉 . Making money with your smartphone is very easy. You can earn money in form of gift cards or recharges or money to your bank account directly in a secure way. Moreover to earn money all you need to do is downloading apps, tasks, surveys and much more things.

top 5 smartphone apps to make money

 Top 5 Best Money Making Apps for Smartphone (Android/IOS).

App Reward
This app is totally amazing, to use this app to make money first of all you will need to download and install it in your iPhone or iPad. Now, to make money with this app you will need to first download the apps and earn more and more money by sharing apps on social media. The more you share the more you get. This app is connected with some good websites which sometime gives offer or even sometimes product for free for downloading and sharing the apps on your social media.

Mint Coins
Mint Coin is a very good app. Earning money on this app is very easy all you need to do is just download some other apps, complete some tasks and surveys.
I guess Mint Coin is the best app for earning money with your android as it gives you a option to transfer your all earned amount to your paypal. The minimum payout is $5. 🙂

Easy Shift
To start making money from this app you need to create a account for it. After successfully creating account you have to start accepting “shifts”. You can start making points when you successfully complete the shifts and start getting your paid assignments. Easy shift also pays you for capturing some awesome pics, reviews etc. You can take your payout as paypal, Easy shift pays you via Paypal. The minimum amount for payout is $2 where maximum is $20.

Gig Walk
OS Supported : Android And IOS Both.
To make some bucks through this app all you need to do is just sign up for the app and start finding “GIGS” (Tasks). There are more likely same work like for the Easy Shift,i.e., Reviewing apps, taking surveys giving opinions, etc. These tasks are quite hard but you all know that without work there is nothing in the world or in simple language nothing is free in this world.
Gig walk pays you through paypal, at first it pays you $3 to $5 per tasks and later on when you become a professional “GIG Walker” you can even make $100 a day. The payment for the work done is paid in one week (max.).

Get Paid To Play
OS Supported : Android Only
This app is easiest of all other apps to make money from your phone, all you need to do is simply start taking tasks like watching small videos, etc. From the name,i.e., Get Paid To Play. You all get to know about the app. This app pays you via paypal and minimum amount is $5.

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Hope that you all enjoyed our post on Top 5 Best Money Making Apps for Smartphone (Android/IOS). Please do comments below if any app is added wrong here, thanks. At last but share the article as much as you can as you know sharing is caring and sexy too.

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