Cisdem PDF to Word Converter – Detailed Review

Pdf files are always full of some data that needs to be printed or copied. And this pdf cannot be edited in most of the cases. So it is a convenient method to convert the pdf into word and then use it.

Simple copy and paste from pdf to word won’t give all the data. Some of the data needs to be converted and then you can use in word. To convert the pdf into word in Mac you need to use the cisdem pdf to word converter. You can try the free version of this. The quality of conversion in this cisdem converter is it will help in providing a very high quality conversion. Even the encrypted files are converted easily. Some of the pdf files contain a password and this can be removed from the password only. But in this cisdm converter if the password is entered, then it will directly unlock it and then it will convert it into word. Simply enter the password when prompted. You can even change the location of saving the file.

Cisdem PDF to Word Converter

Cisdem PDF to Word Converter

There will be no change in the number of words or the spacing between each and every word and every sentence. You can preview the files.

Just open the pdf to word conversion software and browse the file to be converted or you can simply drag the file into it. It has an amazing feature of converting about 50 files at a time. Then simply select the covert option and the output will be received.

Cisdem PDF to Word Converter

The difference between this cisdem and other software is you can select the pages to be converted in the whole file.  You can also convert the scanned images into a word document without using any other alternative methods. If you are looking for a scan conversion simply upload it into the cisdem and then select only the required image and convert it you can even select a specific part of the image and convert it. You can select the output language also. The images and the tables or any other tables and some hyperlinks are converted without any cropping or any format.

The text and the font sizes are easily converted and the same is maintained in the converted document. Usually in other software the conversion will be little zigzag and needs re editing.

This will select the component in the file and convert and place it in the same place as in the original document. You can select the output as word and then convert any file.

You can convert the file and even edit it easily.  This will keep the original format as it is and you no need to reformat it again. You will be provided with the free version for a limited time and also you will be provided with an option to buy the full version also.

Download PDF to Word Converter for MAC,  you can download the setup and start using it.

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