This Guide Shows How to Make A New Blog Popular In 30 Days

With nearly millions of blogs springing in every minute the question is How to stand out? How to make your blog popular in a very little time? This guide of today will show you how to make your blog popular in 30 days. Try this!
How to Make A New Blog

  1. A) PHASE – 1 during the Initial 6-7 Days

Before launching a blog or soon after launching a blog you need the first five to seven days to create a place for it in the market that you are looking to establish it. By market it does not only imply a product launch, your readers are also the part of the ecosystem that is called your market. Follow these steps in the initial phase.

1) Create Abuzz Before Launching It

Yes, this step is to be done just before launching your blog may be a month prior to it. Try using social media and tell something about your journey of building the blog, or what can be included or how it will solve a problem when it’s live. This way it will create a buzz for itself and even if people didn’t really know your stuff they will like to see once it is live.

2) Update Your Social Network

Change all your social profiles and include a link to your blog in the bio section of all your social profiles. Yes, this might help you to get exposure on social media because all your friends (okay, at least those who are active) will receive notification of these changes.

3) Launch a Page for All Your Social Sites

Almost all your social sites like a page for FB, a Google plus page and a Pinterest page is must. I would again remind here to not to get overwhelmed to social profiles and use that many as will keep you sane.

Some Precautions

I suggest not to make your blog live without having a proper set up. It should have all the pages like an about page, legal policy, and contact pages live. Nobody likes a half built house.

Don’t make your blog live without sufficient posts (may be 20-25) or else your readers will have to leave your blog after reading one post.

  1. B) PHASE-2 Within the 8-15 Days of Your Blog Launch

Web Traffic Key on Grunge Typewriter.

This phase requires constant effort to draw eyeballs on your blog. The more the people will get engaged with your posts the better. Here are a few tips to follow within this time period.

4) Promote Your Posts Well

You write those epic guides and still no one knows. The right way to let them know is promote your posts as well. Yes, go through the posts you have written and include them in social bookmarking sites.

Here is the how:

I post to almost 20 of my social services using onlywire.

I use the Firefox extension of shareholic to bookmark my sites to other 10-15 sites that onlywire doesn’t support. Remember, I spent no more than 15 minutes doing this and now my site has been bookmarked in 40 leading social book marking sites.

5) Join Blogging Community

Another awesome tip is to join social bookmarking and community sites like Aha-now , doSplash, Kingged and blogengage. These sites are awesome to get your content as well as you get noticed. Bookmarking on these sites let fellow bloggers notice your site and your posts. They will like it and it gets exposure, which will lead to popularity.

  1. c) Phase -3 During the 15-22 Days:

During this phase of making your blog popular you have to care for your readers and make them feel that you are for them no matter what. So you should consider building relationships, getting personal and encouraging opinions.

6) Building Relationships or Networking

Networking is a must in blogging. Blogging is a social community and so networking is a must in it. Start networking with fellow bloggers, experts in your niche and other known bloggers. This will help people get knowledge of your blog. Try sharing their stuff and chances are they will share your stuff too.

Mention fellow bloggers and other experts on your posts. They will love the attention they get from you and this will help you to come under their radar. Most experts with those thousands of followers will not hesitate to share the post where they were mentioned provided the post is quality one. Imagine how popular your blog will get if it gets a tweet from Neil Patel, or Ryan Biddulph or Pat Flynn.

7) Another Aspect is Blog Commenting

Commenting on other blogs will help you and your blog become popular not only in the blogger’s eyes but also in the eyes of the readers of those bloggers who visit the site you commented on. And if you provide a better resource on the topic chances are the readers from that blog might become your readers.

8) Encourage Opinions

Opinions of others on you will definitely help you to grow and understand the perception or view point of others about yor blog. Do share a bit of personal interests and stories and also ask them to coment on blog posts or ask them to add something you missed in a topic. This will boost engagement and people will get to know that you care for their words and they will definitely come to read your story again.

  1. D) Phase – 4 Days 23-30

This final phase of your blog popularization campaign will constitute of subtle topics like enhancing user experience.

website analytics

9)  Reduce Your Bounce Rate

When you launch a blog bounce rates are high as your potential audience community is not steady till now. Many readers will stumble upon your blog and find that it is not for them and this will increase bounce rates. So your priority will be to increase chances that will keep bounce rates at a low.

For this you can write post with series, do internal linking and display your sidebar widgets with a list of popular posts.

10) Change Your Site Design

Yes based upon the user opinions you gathered in the days till today change your blog UI to give it a better feel to the readers also consider adding monetization and consumer funnels to capture leads. This will help your blog to be popular and also keep your readers satisfied.

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