Making efficient PowerPoint Presentations with the help of SlideModel

Today, PowerPoint is one of the basic productivity tools which everyone needs to master. It is widely adopted in business, professional and academic environments. Further, PowerPoint itself plays a great role in modern education, empowering the dynamics through the e-learning process. The best characteristic of this tool (and the main reason for its popularity) is that Microsoft PowerPoint is very easy to use and understand.


The trend of using PowerPoint is growing; professionals prefer PowerPoint over other tools to present raw data in terms of visuals, charts and diagrams, than reading out theory and statistics.

In this article, I’m reviewing and how it can be efficiently used to make powerful and engaging PowerPoint presentations.

Why SlideModel?


It is true that in the end, ultimately you have to complete your presentation by your own. You have to provide data and facts that support and empower your message. But the tough tasks is not creating a presentation deck, it is making it effective so the audience  is not bored, rather it is charged up and thrilled to see the next slide. You have to show your creative side with this tool. You have to give unique touches to make the whole presentation more interesting.   

SlideModel will provide you with this edge! You will be able to do your presentation better with this tool. SlideModel value proposition consists of helping users create professional powerpoint presentations, in less time, with no designs skills , following the industry best practices and aesthetics.

SlideModel offers thousands of PowerPoint templates that their users can download and combine to create amazing presentations. The gallery offers themed templates for all in one presentations (SWOT Analysis presentations, Business Plans Presentations, Marketing Plans Presentations, Sales Pitches, etc.) and more general decks like PowerPoint charts,PowerPoint  maps, PowerPoint Diagrams and PowerPoint Dashboards. There are almost over a hundred categories to choose from.

All you have to do is log in to your SlideModel account, choose templates according to your requirement and download it to use it in your presentation.

Let us now check out some features of the premium SlideModel.

Templates –

Starting from professional layouts, editable backgrounds and geometric templates to 3D stairs, horizontal shelves, weekly plans, annual report slides, pentagon designs, petal templates, DNA designs, fishbone structures to timeline designs, you will get thousands of templates to choose from. Each of these templates is designed for different purposes to deliver the maximum usability. This category is the root of the sitemap. If you are looking for inspiration for your presentation you can start here and navigate the different templates. SlideModel updates its gallery on a weekly basis including new designs and variations of existing templates. Users can stay tuned with new additions checking the templates category.

Diagrams –

Your PowerPoint presentation should have creativity and uniqueness to make it look appealing to your audience. The SlideModel gallery provides 100% editable diagrams to replace boring bullets points and explain complex processes with top of the line business diagrams. The platform provides diagram categories for simple navigation, based on the most popular business diagrams:

  • circular diagrams
  • process diagrams
  • tree diagrams
  • segmented diagrams
  • staged diagrams
  • arrow diagrams
  • funnel diagrams
  • flowcharts
  • steps diagrams (you can search for the specific number of steps ranging from 2 to 8).

PowerPoint diagrams are an expressive tool that helps presenters avoid heavy text slides, empowering the user descriptive speech following a reasoning outlined in the diagram. In this way presenters can focus on describing complex processes and interaction in their speech, while the audience can follow the reasoning in the diagram to map concepts to different steps or stages.


PowerPoint Shapes

While making a PowerPoint presentation, you might want to use different shapes to give the presentation a greater visual effect. For example, you might need structures of trees, buttons, 3D designs, currency shapes, anatomy structures, pencil shapes, windmills or clouds. It will consume hours of your hard work if you have to give shape to your structure manually. At SlideModel, there are plenty of shapes available which you can simply download and drag & drop in your presentation. Shapes are created using Microsoft PowerPoint vectorial engine. This means that every shape at the SlideModel gallery is 100% customizable. Users can resize the shapes without losing resolution quality, also they can change its colors and effects to match their theme or branding needs. All PowerPoint Icons can be adapted just with the traditional shapes panel of PowerPoint.

Shapes are a powerful tool to apply metaphors into presentations; another technique to avoid text paragraphs. For example, a user can use a dollar bill icon to represent money in their presentation. With this shape, the user is avoiding the use of a title, and the visual representation is easily recorded in the audience memory.


Editable Presentation Maps

PowerPoint Maps are a very powerful tool for any location based or geographically aware information. By default Microsoft PowerPoint does not provide built-in maps. SlideModel provides the complete set of PowerPoint Maps for Continents, Regions, Countries, States and Cities. All Maps are 100% editable and created as a composite of smaller pieces. This means that a maps of a country is created as the grouping of the countries states and cities. Said this, users can ungroup maps, and treat each specific region individually.

Data structures

We have mentioned earlier that PowerPoint is not only one of the regular basics of today’ evolving education system but it also plays a major role in the corporate world. With the help of SlideModel, you will be able to give perfect shape to your data and KPI’s presentation.

SlideModel provides a set of professional dashboard and business data representations created specifically for executive and management presentations. All PowerPoint Dashboards are data driven, this means that users can use their excel data to customize the charts visualizations.

Why should you use offers a range of PowerPoint templates under various categories at different flexible and affordable schemes. If you have to create PowerPoint presentations more or less in a regular manner for your office project or personal use then SlideModel will suit you best. The best thing is, you will be able to save a lot of your time for using SlideModel. Furthermore, templates available at SlideModel are compatible with major versions of Microsoft Office as well as Keynote, OpenOffice or even Google Slides. It is also possible to use the graphics in other programs such as Microsoft Word, this is especially useful if you need to create report documents.

SlideModel offers different subscription plans suited for different audiences. Ranging from the one-time presenter that needs a specific set of slides to the team of users, which need seat license for their organization.

Not only for its top notch designs, excellent usability and affordable prices, but also for its top of the line support. SlideModel subscriptions plans provide 24/7 support. Users can contact the support team to help them with the use of any of the templates and even request new additions to the gallery. You can check some of the SlideModel’s users reviews to validate this statement.

Impress your audience with high quality visually appealing presentations, targeted for executives.

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