Making Beautiful Presentations with Free Google Slides Templates

Nowadays, Google Slides is one of the most used presentation tools available on the cloud. It is widely used by teachers and students (as part of the Google for Education programs), but also by professional presenters and businessmen looking to prepare visually appealing presentations online.


Quickly, it is becoming the defacto standard for editing and making presentations on the cloud. It is helping presenters around the world to collaborate online and make better presentations.

Google Slides has many presentation templates available that can help the presenter to save a lot of time. However, if we really want to make an outstanding presentation with attractive styles aligned to our presentation needs, is the resource that can help to find the right template for your slides.

Stand out of the ordinary designs

The free resource has dozens of free templates for Google Slides presentations with bright colors and attractive slide designs. This catalog of templates allows you to create modern slide decks and use the pre-designed Google Slides themes to modernize your presentations in less than 5 minutes.

The catalog of templates provided by FGST has unique backgrounds and styles. Their templates are prepared for a wide range of business and educational situations and cases and each template includes a variety of slide designs including timelines, diagrams or cover slides. All the slides come with text placeholders so the end user can replace the text with his own presentation content.

Impress your audience with modern slide decks

Creating presentations require time, but creative highly-effective presentations demand more time and an extra effort. With the help of FGST templates, any presenter can save a lot of valuable hours reusing the pre-designed slide decks. Their presentations also contain a variety of editable elements such as shapes or icons that can be very useful when creating a presentation with extra visual aids.


The templates are suitable for educational presentations but also for professional business presentations. The slides have the perfect contrast and design elements are carefully chosen to help the end users to delight the audience.

The major benefit of using Google Slides is that it is built with team collaboration in mind from scratch. Teams can collaborate online toward finish the presentation. A remote team can work within the same presentation concurrently and edit the slides while other members are also editing the slides at the same time.

Portability is also one of the big advantages of using Google Slides. Google Slides can be used independently of the computer OS. It can be used either in PC, Mac or even in Linux and inexpensive Chromebooks.

The compatibility with other presentation tools such as PowerPoint (.pptx) and OpenOffice (.odp) makes Google Slides very attractive for users who appreciate the opportunity to open and edit the presentations in different tools and formats.

A huge list of font-faces and font families are available compared with the reduced list in Microsoft Office. Even if PowerPoint allows to install custom font faces, it is required to install the custom fonts on any computer where the presentation will be delivered. Instead, Google Slides takes full advantage of the fonts provided by the Google Fonts collections. Using the fonts provided in Google Slides, you can make your presentation look unique and with a modern typography. This helps to engage the audience, for sure.

What are the benefits of using FGST?

The key benefits of using Free Google Slides Templates and Google Slides include:

  • Dozens of templates for Google Slides free of use
  • Built-in for collaboration
  • Super modern styles, layouts and Google slide backgrounds are available
  • Editable elements (icons and shapes)
  • Huge list of fonts and typography options
  • Presentations can be exported to multiple formats (PDF, OpenOffice or even PowerPoint)

Aside from these benefits, using Google Slides is also free. You just need to have a Google Account to open Google Slides in your browser. If you don’t have a Gmail email or a Google account, it is free to create one.


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