Shopclues is one of the renowned ecommerce sites. If compared with some other sites like amazon, jabong, ebay and some others then Shopclues might not be as well known as them but still Shopclues stays in one of the distinctive position in the list of all ecommerce sites. In this article we will discuss about the new deals and offers of Shopclues.

Right now, Shopclues is offering a variety of deals. The range of deals start from 10% discount coupons without any minimum limits of cart value to a handful of products available at just rupees 99. Other than this, there are various on product offers which offers up to 60% off. The best thing is, you get this deals and offers totally free, and if you use additional coupons, you will be able to buy the goods at even a lesser price. Isn’t that just wonderful?

Up next, I will discuss about the offers in details.

Offer 1 –

Flat 10% discount on all shopclues product

Almost all website provides some sort of great lucrative offers to their users but then there is Shopclues. Shopclues offers its users an exclusive 10% off on any amount of shopping via a coupon. All you have to do to get this 10% discount is use coupon code “PREPAID10” while making payment.

The best thing is, you will be able to use this coupon again and again till the offer period and you will be able to get discount on anything and everything and not under a specific category.

However, there is an upper limit. With this coupon you will be able to save Rupees 1000 maximum at a time, and not more than that. You will be easily able to bypass this by part shopping.

Offer 2 –

Products available within a price category

Shopclues has several price categories. Every week there are new offers and some products inflow and some outflow from the list. The categories are: Products within rupees 99, products within rupees 169, products within rupees 299, products within rupees 499, products within rupees 799. There are various categories within each of these price categories. So if your only concern is price, then check out these price categories.

The website has a very easy to use interface so you won’t have any problem searching for your products. You will be able to further filter your requirements within each of these price categories.

We recommend you to check these price categories out and add needy goods to your cart and shop from here by using a coupon code. This way, you are not only getting the best deal but getting a discount over your purchase as well.

Offer 3 –

Mega loot bazaar

 As we have mentioned before that more or less all websites offer their users some sort of lucrative deals, this is the Shopclues version of it! Every Sunday, the price of some products is decreased and added into this category. Most often this offer is valid on Sundays only. Shopclues offers up to about 60% discounts on some selected products in this offer.

Here again, you will be able to search for your product via filters within the loot offer.

Here also we recommend you to use discount coupons as in that way, you are not only getting the best of deals but also getting a handsome discount over it.


With this article, we are encouraging our readers to be more versatile in terms of choice and not stick to the best ecommerce site sonly. Try out Shopclues to enjoy these handsome discounts, and this way save your money.

Do not forget to mention your experience in Shopclues in the comments section below. On the other hand, we will update you about Shopclues next offers as soon as those pops. Enjoy!


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