How does a leave management system streamlines leaves taken by employees

Leave management of the employees is a core HR function. Online leave management system that streamlines communication between the HR and the staff, and facilitates a simple-to-use yet efficient system to manage all employee leave matters is commonplace in many workplaces today. It ensures that all leave applications and requests are accurately accounted for so that the staff can apply, approve and view leave records without hassles and delays. Now let us look at how an online leave management system streamlines the leaves taken by the employees and makes an HR’s job easier.

Graphical Representation of the leaves taken: Most leave management systems that are available in the market today will have a tool like this, which will provide a graphical representation of the leaves taken by the employees. It will provide information like the total leaves taken till date by month and also the total leaves taken till date by leave type. It will also include a list of leave transactions for a period across organization or for specific departments / locations. It can be viewed either as charts or as screen reports. Through all this, HR admin of a company would be able to track the leaves taken by the employees.

Employee Leave Card: HR in a firm can use this feature to keep track of their employees’ leave transactions throughout the leave year.

Granting Leaves: With this feature that is available in almost all leave management software, an HR personnel will be able to monitor the leave granted data of the current year. HR can use this screen to keep track of leave granted transactions either by selecting the particular leave type or by doing a search on individual employees.

Reviewing Leaves: By default, an employee’s reporting manager is the person, who can review his/her leave. In case you intend to override this configuration because you found some discrepancy in it, you can do so by using this feature. This feature helps you to configure different reviewers based on employee group/individuals to carry out leave approvals.

Generation of Reports: HR can pull out various types of leave reports from a leave management software.  

Reports that provide information on the excess leaves taken by employees that are in negative figures can be easily availed through a leave management system.

A summary report, which provides information about Opening Balance/Granted/Availed/Closing Balance for the specific leave type/all leave types etc., can be generated. Reports can be extracted based on year-wise or for a specified date range.

A day-wise leave transaction report can provide the list of employees, who are on leave for a particular day/date.  

A leave availed report gives detailed information about the leave availed by each employee with a record of the number of days taken.  

Employee Portal: Many employee leave management system  gives the option of having an employee portal through which all employees will have access to all information pertaining to leaves. Through this, an employee can view their own employee profile and can access his/her employee directory. Employees will also be able to raise leave requests.

An online employee leave management system, which tracks and streamlines the leaves taken by employees in a firm is essential in workplaces today.

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