Top 10 Cheapest SSL Certificate providers Worldwide

In this article, we will list out top 10 cheapest SSL certificate providers all over the world. Basically, you will find many such cheap SSL certificate providers but here in this article, we have considered the best ones only. These SSL certificate providers won’t let you down in terms of performance as well! Now, let us come straight to the point.

Top 10 cheapest yet best SSL certificate providers:

  • CheapSSLShop – Price starts from $4.95 on yearly basis.

Cheap SSL Shop offers SSL certificates of trustworthy brands such as Thawte, RapidSSL, GeoTrust, Comodo, GlobalSign, Symantec and many more. You will be able to choose your digital certificate from a wide range of variables such as Code Signing Certificate, Multi-domain SSL, Wildcard SSL, SAN SSL, and Business & Domain validation SSL. The best thing is, you will get discount of up to 70% when you buy any of these from here. It provides 24*7 customer support for 365 days a year. Price starts from 4.95$ on yearly basis.

  • SSL2BUY – Price starts from $8.67 per year.

SSL2BUY offers a wide range of SSL certificates from leading brands at a cheap rate. You can also partner with SSL2BUY and enlist your own SSL certificate brand at your own rate. Get an SSL certificate within just 15 minutes, with unlimited server license and re-issuance. Customer care is always open for you for 24*7*365.

This SSL certificate reseller offers Comodo SSL certificates at very cheap rates. Basically, their business is to buy bulk SSL certificates from mother Company and sell them to individual buyers at affordable and reasonable rates. It provides free site sealing and unlimited server license and re-issuance to its customers. Affiliate networks are also available here. Price starts from 9$ / yr.

  • ClickSSL – Price starts from $11.66 per year.

Some of its SSL certificate partners are leading brands like RapidSSL, Comodo, Thawte, Symantec, and GeoTrust. It is known for its huge discounts on buying and renewal of digital SSL certification. Its customer care service is ready to help you for 24*7. Price starts from 11.66$ per year.

  • – Price starts from $36.754 per year.

It is one of the leading SSL certificate authorities. It is well known for its discount offers, compatibility and availability of wide range of SSL plans and products. There is no time lack between your payment and SSL certificate issuance. Further, you will be able to get a full refund within 30 days if you don’t like it. Affiliate networking is also available. Price starts from 36.754 per year.

  • Comodo – Price starts from $49 per year.

Comodo is currently the best SSL Provider. Its 256-bit encryption technology offers great security solution to users. Cheapest Price deal starts from 49$ per year. You can also get the extended validation certificate at the rate of 249$ yearly.

  • GoDaddy – Price starts from $49 per year.

The name is very common. It is very well known for domain name registration. They also offer SSL certifications at a cheap rate. The best thing is, you will be able to customize according to your needs and requirements. Its customer care service is ready to support you 24*7. Price starts from 49$ per year. Affiliate networks are also available from GoDaddy.

It offers a range of services including domain names, website building, web hosting, email marketing, SSL certification, and many more. SSL products include Basic OV SSL, Xpress DV SSL, Advanced OV SSL, EV SSL and Wildcard SSL. It also offers 24*7 customer care support. They offer 24/7 award-winning customer support. Price starts from $54.99 per year. Affiliate networks are also available.

  • Symantec– Price starts from $249 per year.

It offers genuine SSL certification with 256-bit encryption. It is renowned for offering great service. However, it is a bit costly. Price starts from 249$ per year.

  • DigiCert – Price starts from $139 per year. 

It is also a well – known SSL certificate provider. It offers 2048-bit SSL certificates. The encryption is very good in terms of security for an online transaction. Price starts from 139$ per year. Affiliate networks are also available here.


We have chosen the top 10 cheapest yet best SSL certificate providers for you. Choose any one of them and secure your website.

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