10 App to improve your productivity very quickly

In this article, we will review 10 apps that promise to improve your business productivity. In today’s world, everyone wants to be more productive in less time, in order to earn a high return. However, before starting with the apps, we should tell you what we mean by productivity here.

These apps will save you a lot of time. However, if you think that only installing the app will make things work for you that’s not true. You have to use these apps to get things done effectively, that’s it. In simple words, these apps will help you to the complex works simply and that way save you some time. Now, with this extra time, you will be able to create other income or expansion opportunities for your business. But, you have to work on it, that’s obvious.  Now, let us get started with the 10 Apps to improve productivity straight away.

10 App to improve your productivity very quickly

10 Best Apps to improve the productivity

  1. Skype –

Skype is one of the most popular apps used in the corporate world as a means of communication. Skype is a very useful app to get in touch with your clients, employees and group members in both virtual and actual workplace. You can download this free app on your desktop and mobile device. Skype lets use voice call and video call and also allows conference of both. Schedule your meetings on Skype and get notified from time to time so that you don’t miss important conferences. Skype offers a sophisticated and comfortable chat service with emoji support.

  1. Evernote –

Evernote works as your little notebook where you can store your scribbles. It is capable of syncing important data across all your devices. You can use Evernote app to create voice memos, capture photos, save web pages, and write your to be done list. You are allowed to attach Microsoft Office documents and PDF files. With Evernote, you will be able to organize your receipts, invoices, and bills. With this app, you will be able to make yourself more organized than before and you will also be able to manage time in a scheduled way. This free app is available on iOS, android, and the web platforms.

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  1. GotoMeeting –

As the name suggests, with GotoMeeting app, you will be able to schedule, host and join different conference with just your mobile device. You will get reminders minutes before the scheduled meeting or scheduled conference so you won’t miss any event from now on. However, this app is crafted specially for letting you check out reports, presentations, and mock-ups. This free app will be a window to whatever is shown on screen.

  1. Square Point of Sale –

Entrepreneurs venturing on retail business use Square Point of Sale app. The app basically offers everything that you will need to receive payments. There is a card reader attachment with this app with which you will be able to accept instant payments and issue digital receipts. The app also lets you keep real time track record of sales and inventory and check business analytics. The app saves a lot of your time by removing unnecessary steps involved in cash transactions.

  1. PayPal –

If you are handling some online business then PayPal is your ultimate financial option. It lends enormous help when it comes to organizing financially.  It can also be used as an easy to use payroll manager. With Paypal, your on the go business transactions will get more and more smooth. Moreover, you will be able to manage the whole complex task through your mobile device. Here, you can get payments and pay others without any time lag. And for overdue receipts, you can also send reminders. In simple words, PayPal not only lets you transact money but also lets you manage it in an organized way. It is one of the very few apps that is being used by entrepreneurs from all the world.

  1. Slack –

Slack app is used to improve team communication standard. You will be able to connect Slack with other entrepreneur apps like Dropbox, HelpScout, and Trello. The app comes with special features which are capable of improving the communication environment of the workplace. In short, with Slack, you will be able to organize your conversations on the basis of projects, and other topics that matter.

  1. Lastpass –

When you are handling an online business, there is a possibility that you have multiple online accounts but it is very difficult for you to maintain all and remember a password for every individual account. Lastpass app solves this problem. When you use this free app, you won’t have to remember passwords of each and every account anymore. Moreover, you can be sure that your data will not be hacked. In simple words, Lastpass works like an assistant to whom you can trust your accounts. Mobile version of the app costs $12 but the desktop version is free.

  1. Todoist –

Todoist lets you create your to-do list. It is a handy tool because of its different features. From now on, you will never ever miss a deadline once again because this app tracks your tasks and label them with not only due dates but also recurring due dates along with start and end dates. It is also known for its collaboration ability with other apps. Todoist can be synced across all your of your mobile devices.

  1. Dropbox –

Dropbox app makes file sharing not only organized but also fast. When you are using this app, you won’t have to back and forth email anymore. You will be able to sync any data file with your team and even with those who don’t have their own Dropbox account. The best part is, large file size is not a problem when you are using Dropbox. Some of the special features offered by Dropbox app are doc scanner, offline access, shared folders, file sharing and many more.  You will be able to sync data with other project partners easily with Dropbox.

  1. Forest –

Today, most people face trouble to focus on something. Forest app gets rid of this problem in a fun and engaging process. Forest mutes your common distractions so that you can resist your temptations while you work. Moreover, this app will help you track down the distractions that divert you from work. However, Forest is a paid app.


We have mentioned 10 apps that are likely to improve your business productivity. All these apps help to improve business efficiency in some way or other. The techniques are different, that’s it. Moreover, most of these apps are cost free therefore we recommend you try out at least those and enjoy the difference.

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