CometChat Review – An Ideal Chat Platform For Your Website!

CometChat is a cross – platform chat software which binds together well known content management systems like BuddyPress, WordPress, Drupal and many more. The software comes with a pack of excellent features that will improve your personal business portal’s interactivity and will keep users glued to your website for a longer period. CometChat will inform your users when their friends are online and let them chat with each other, thus it will create a wonderful experience for your users. You will be able to integrate CometChat plugin with your website in order to provide your users a chat box on your site.  Thus, you will be able to use it from your very own web portal if there is some kind of hassle going on in the mobile or desktop platform.  Let us now take a detailed look at CometChat.

CometChat Review

Features of CometChat:

Up next, we will discuss some of the core features of that make CometChat amazing.

  • Emojis and Stickers-

CometChat comes with stickers and emoji support so users will be able to express themselves not only with text and data but also with emojis. Emojis help to create a bigger understanding between two peoples who are chatting. In short, your conversation will get more lively with CometChat.

  • Video Conference-

Users will be able to create their virtual hangout space via video conference as a relaxation. Otherwise, they can also take part in different conferences and add other members. One can initiate a video conference by sending links. The link receiver has to just click on the click to join the conference.

  • Real – time Translation-

This wonderful feature lets users convert a text typed in any language into their native language. This will allow the user to spread business all over the globe as there is no language barrier.

  • Video Call-

Just like video conference, one can initiate a video call or accept a video call from other to get into some personal discussions. All that the user has to do to initiate a video call is send a video call request to the person he or she wants to talk personally with or approve a call request by clicking on the corresponding link. There is no time lag.

  • File Sharing –

Your web portal users will be able to share photos, spreadsheets, documents, videos and many more with each other. All of this can be done through the chat so the users need not leave your web page to share data.

Some more important features:

  • CometChat is light weight software so it gives minimum load on the server. Therefore, it can be operated by running on any server.
  • Users will be able to share screens with friends through CometChat platform.
  • Users can also send hand written messages, but digitally.
  • The notification feature makes sure that you receive alerts for all notifications. There is the Push notification tool for mobiles which alert users with new notifications.
  • You will be able to chat with more than one person at a time.
  • There is a hide button to hide chat when they are not chatting and up to some serious business.
  • There is no unnecessary repeated log ins. As soon as a user logs in to your website, they are automatically logged in to CometChat.
  • You will be able to block unwanted users.
  • You will be able to save conversation over the CometChat platform.
  • The Whiteboard feature lets you draw and share it with friends.
  • You will be able to change the text color of your chat strings.
  • You can form chatrooms with some of your friends. Chatrooms are simply chatting groups.
  • You will be able to various plugins to CometChat in order to provide audio – video call and conference, multi – player games and many more.
  • CometChat is a cross – platform software. It runs on mobile and desktop supporting Windows, Android, iOS and Mac OS.
  • It comes with the support of 9 languages.

Advantages of CometChat:

CometChar Review

  • Simple Integration-

You need not have any programming language knowledge in order to integrate CometChat with your website. The process is very simple and even amateurs won’t face any kind of trouble while integrating.  

  • File Transfer-

You will be able to share a wide range of file types with others via File Transfer feature in CometChat which is both simple and quick.

  • Games-

There are 2 kinds of game: single player game and multiple player game. One can simply spend some time playing a single player game against the computer, otherwise one can play with other online users. The choice is yours.

  • Gtalk Chat-

Users will also be able to chat with their Gtalk friends directly from your website.

  • Whiteboard Plugin-

The whiteboard plugin can be effectively used to give personal opinions on a certain matter.

  • Compatibility-

CometChat is compatible with almost all browsers. It is available for android and iOS Operating Systems. CometChat can be downloaded from the respective app stores.

·      Admin Dashboard-

If you are the admin, the admin panel will let you check everything. You will be able to see how many users are currently online, total number of messages sent in last 24 hours, total number of messages, and many more. Further, you will be able to setup plugins, chat rooms, extensions, set up a new language, go through the logs, monitor stats from your admin dashboard.

  • CometChat Cloud –

CometChat cloud handles the traffic so you will enjoy good performance even if thousands are using it. Basically, it handles the traffic and optimizes the load in order to ensure greater consistent performance.

  • Social Network –

CometChat comes with a bundle of social networking plugins. You have to use these plugins to effectively expand your business by spreading your business voice over social platforms. Cometchat comes to Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Google Plus support. Spread the voice of your business in a social network with these.

  • Customer Support-

CometChat assures great customer support facility. There is an online forum to answer all your queries. Basically, the Forum section is the FAQ center. You will also be able to book a complaint or ask some questions via online tickets. Here, you have to select the kind of issue you are facing and write in details your particular issue. You will be answered within 24 hours by the support staffs. In order to manage your license, go to the Member Area. Here, you will get an overall step to step guidance that how to renew or change subscription license. Moreover, in Server Status, you will get a status table which shows the information about CometChat service, such as service disruption, data unavailability, and a service outage.

  • Different Plans-

When you use CometChat, you are allowed to switch between subscribed plans. CometChat offers the facility of upgrading or downgrading your plans. Therefore, it is flexible enough than its competitors.

Let us now take a look at the price plans offered by CometChat:

Subscription Plans of CometChat:

CometChar Review

  1. Basic Plan-

This scheme cost $49. Under this scheme, you also get a 30 days money back guarantee, but only if you can explain your problems with the CometChat user experience convincingly. Otherwise, there is always an option of up gradation to some other plan.

  1. Professional Plan-

This plan costs $129 and it is a one time cost. It will suit the small sites best. Under this scheme, you get not only a 30 days money back guarantee but also Gtalk friends, chat, a real-time translation module, transliterate plugin, and a broadcast message module.

  1. Premium Plan-

This plan costs $249 and it is a one time cost. Under this scheme, you get everything under Professional Plan and some added benefits such as save conversation plug-in, mobile browser compatibility, advertisement extension, and assured installation.

  1. Platinum Plan-

This plan costs $499. It covers everything about Premium Plan and comes with some added benefits such as audio chat plugin, video chat plugin, broadcast plugin, video conference plugin, and Screen sharing plugin.


Overall CometChat is a really good option to expand your business by holding your website users and making sure that they spend some more time there even during off sessions. We recommend you to try out CometChat at least once. If you face any problem while using CometChat, do not forget to mention it in the ‘Comments’ section below.

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