20 Free Sans Serif Fonts to Download

Simplicity along with modernity is the demand of present scenario.

The same goes with the content on every website. Whenever we prepare the content for marketing, we make sure that the fonts used in writing the content are simple as well as understandable by the readers. The sans serif letterform is used very commonly for simple writing, and today we will discuss the 20 Free Sans Serif Fonts.

Sans Serif Fonts

What is Sans-Serif Font?

In fonts and typesetting, sans, sans-serifs, and gothic are the letterforms that don’t have extending feature called serifs at the edge of strokes. The sans-serif lettering is one that tends to have less line width deviation than serif Arial. In most cases, the sans-serif fonts are used for headings rather than for body script. These fonts are used to deliver uncomplicatedness along with newness.

The sans-serif type style has become most predominant for presenting typescript on PC displays. The word came from the French work sans which means “without” and serif from Dutch word schreef which means “line” or “pen stroke”. This writing style became popular in English Arial after using many other fonts. One of the sans-serif’s old writing style was gothic, that is still utilised in some typographies.

The Sans-serif typefaces are sometimes, particularly in older papers, used as a device for highlighting, due to their usual blacker type colour. Some of the prevalent sans-serif fonts include Helvetica, Avant Garde, Arial, and Geneva. According to the reports, sans-serif letterings are difficult to read. That is why they are used most regularly for short text modules such as titles or descriptions.

Use of Sans-Serif Fonts

Sans-serif fonts are available free for downloading so that you can show your creativity in every possible way. It is recognized well that all modern-day designs require a nifty font to give your work a legible as well as attractive look. Creating your website pages using an eye-catching font will appeal more to your audiences, and they would love to read the content. Formatting is the essential part of designing your work for any purpose, whether it is for personal or business use.

Irrespective of the work area, the use of words is for channelizing one’s outlook. In the designing field, graphic designers experiment with words and give the best visual effects to their designs by using fonts that are different and choral in look. Whether they design a poster, a document, a visiting card or an ad banner, he uses different letterings to write words and sentences in a proper style.

Sans Serif Fonts

Also remember that fonts are used according to the content to be designed. Their demand is divided as per the professional and personal use. A designer won’t use a funny or irrelevant font in the official document or a groovy one for designing a flyer. So, overall typography element is something without which a graphic designer cannot take a single step.

Let’s check out the 20 best Sans-serif fonts to download in 2017.


Aganè is an immaculate sans-serif from Swiss illustration, from UI and type creator Danilo De Marco. Download at Behance.


Enthused by Audrey Hepburn, this stylish typeface by Cristina Pagnotta pools straight and curved lines in the most symphonic way possible. It has two variants – regular and slanting. Download at Behance.


Produced by Anna Giedryś, Signika is seamless for projects where you want the writing to take the core position. With its short x-height, it’s super simple to read even from a lengthy distance. Download at FontFabric.


For a free type style, Titillium has an extremely upright lineage, born of a style design venture at Italy’s Academe di Belle Arti di Urbino. Download it at GoogleFonts.


Dense via Charles Daoud is a very adaptable sans serif. Obtainable in thin, steady, and bold, this type redefines delicacy. Download it at Charles Daoud.


Chivo is a fantastic typography that’s perfect for captions, and other page stuff where you want to grasp attention of your audiences. Download it at OmnibusType.


Stellar by Mathieu Desjardins is a compressed sans serif font with elevated uppercase letterings which makes it picture-perfect for headlines. Download it at Pangram Pangram.


Motivated by archetypal class, this Arial by Alfredo Marco Pradil, is fresh, efficient and exceptionally readable even for the undersized typescripts. Download it at Cargo Collective.


Invented by Sora Sagano, an artiste at Tipotype, it aims to offer readers with a great level of graphical ease. It’s accessible in 16 weights, from ultralight to black. Download it at TipoType.


Originated by Rodamir Tinkov, Qanelas has a symmetrical touch to it. Its offered in several strikes and is impeccable for both headers as well as usual clauses. Download it at Tinkov.


Conceived by typeface foundry Dalton Maag, it uses OpenType characteristics and is automatically coded for lucidity on desktop and mobile displays. Download it at Ubuntu.


It’s the precise pick for advertisements and titles. This type has arranged lines which give it the much desirable contemporary affect. It was created by Marcelo Reis Melo. Download it at Free Goodies for Designers.

Clear Sans

Clear Sans is a useful font generated by Intel, intended with televised legibility in mind. Invented by Daniel Ratighan at Monotype under the guidance of Intel. Download it at ClearSans.


Biko has been produced by Marco Ugolini. Its tidy and valiant lines mark it picture-perfect for insignia and copy transcript. Download it at Da Font.


Dual — with its rotund size, upright lines and 90 degree directions — is an expansive, clear sans serif. Invented by Charles Daoud, it has 10 cliques and 251 substitute glyphs. Download it at Charles Daoud.


Hanken by Alfredo Marco Pradil is a plain, curved typeface. With its level of clearness, it looks similarly good for headings or body script. Download it at Open Font Library.


A humanist sans serif foundation, Cloud by Typomancer is exceptionally nifty with five strikes. Download it at Behance.


Combination of arithmetical forms with fresh make, you get the vivid new lettering called Modernist by Sean Kane. Download it at SeanKaneDesign.


Particularly formed for handheld maneuvers, Studio Faculty concentrated clearly while developing the Fabrica. It’s a great pick for quick to respond web pages. Download it at Studio Faculty.


Unique, fabricated by Art Maker, may have a passé appearance, but it still has that craggy ultramodern feel to it. Download it at 1001 Fonts.


All the free sans-serif fonts mentioned above are excellent to be used for business as well as private use. You can simply download the font according to your choice and use it to make your content stunning and creative.

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