Learn Typing With EasyType.Com, an Online Touch Typing Course – Detailed Review

Many of us are facing issue while typing on laptop or computer because of poor typing skills, No worries! Today we are going to share a simple and quick solution to improve your typing skill.

There are thousands of websites available to improve your typing skills but most of them are fails in the performance. We did deep research and found one website Easytype which can improve your typing skill quickly. Easytype is one of the leading website to improve the typing skills.

Features of EasyType:

  1. Typing test for beginners Typing test for beginners 
  2. Speed typing test
  3. Touch typing :: Hand display to show finger type Tocuh type
  4. Color code for next typing letter
  5. DIY available to improve typing skills

Above are few features of EasyType, to use this website you don’t need to log in and create an account, you can directly open the website and start the typing lessons.

There is overall 48 exercise/lesson available on EasyType, these lessons make sure that once you complete these 48 lessons then surely you will good typing skill, one more thing all these 48 lessons are free typing lessons so that you don’t have to pay anything.

It has been seen with many typing websites that they’re not 100% accurate in showing the typing results. But this isn’t the case with EasyType, you get real-time & accurate results based on your performance. Lastly, it’s a one-stop shop for all your typing-learning needs.

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