How to Generate More Traffic Using Voice Search Hacks

With the digitization of business advertisement, having an online presence has become a necessity. Every business needs to come up with effective strategies to improve their online ranking. Drawing more traffic to your website is the gateway to attracting more customers and increasing sales. Voice search is a new technology that has excited most researchers. According to recent statics, over 41% of adults and 55% of teenagers are using voice technology on a daily basis. This means that optimizing on voice search will help you to draw more traffic to your website. Below are some crucial voice search hacks to help you to attract more traffic.

Make use of structured data
You can add microdata to your HTML to make your page appear often in the search engine. This process of using microdata is known as Schema Markup. Once this set of tags is used in the HTML, it enhances the way a web page appears in the organic search results through making sure that there is optimization of the rich snippets. Whenever a voice search is initiated in voice-enabled devices, the snippet is sourced aloud. Rich snippets not only generate more traffic, but they also promote authority and enhance your personal brand. You can use the structured data to answer queries on various websites.

Ensure your title tags have conversational words
With the increasing evolution of personal assistant devices, online searches have become simpler. The main difference between voice search and typing is that the voice search offers direct answers without giving users a hard time selecting a page from search results. Typing brings many results that display different websites, which makes the process of finding answers longer. This means that you should target words that are easily navigated whenever people are using voice search.

Business owners must strategize by identifying conversational keywords that are more used during voice search. Focus on phrases that users are likely to use when looking for quick answers.

Share your business details on your site
Placing your business information at the footer of your website will help your customers to find you with ease. Most voice searches tend to see hyper-local queries more. The best thing is to claim search engine listings so that people can find you easily whenever they use location in voice search. Include your business name, phone number and address in your listing. Always crosscheck to ensure that the phone number contains the area code and that all the details are correct.

Make your site mobile-friendly
Most voice searches are done on mobile devices, which means that you need to make your site mobile-friendly. Using a responsive web design can go a long way in helping your site to be found by mobile users. In addition, ensure that your site loads fast enough.

Take note of the above hacks to ensure that you make the best out of voice search. Visit for great tips and assistance with your SEO. You will get crucial information on how to increase traffic to your site.

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