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In this article, we will review one of the finest email marketing for enterprise software currently available in the market. The popular software is none other than Pinpointe. It helps to create, automate, analyze and optimize email campaigns with the help of its easy to use user interface. Pinpointe is not a free tool, it uses its own cloud server to deliver sophisticated services to the users. Pinpointe comes with two price plans: Professional Edition and Enterprise Edition. The Professional Edition is used by small and medium sized businesses which require to send 5000 to 250000 emails per month to its recipients. On the other hand, the Enterprise Edition is specially designed for core and big companies which send between 250000 to 25 million plus emails per month to its recipients.

Now, the question is, what is the rationale behind using Pinpointe as there are so many other good email marketing tools in the market and some even come at free of cost! Prepointe is the email marketing tool of our choice because, with this tool, you will possess 100% control. It has the potential to deliver more than 10 million emails per month. The best part is that it emphasizes on deliverability and permissions – based email marketing campaigns. And it does not permit the use of purchased contact and does not sell contacts. If neither the Professional nor the Enterprise Edition suites you then you can also opt for pay per email plan. The sophisticated email designer and editor tool simply make it more professional. We will discuss those in the feature part later.

Pinpointe is a team-based email marketing cloud for businesses and agencies with advanced analytics and awesome tools for users to easily create send track and analyze campaigns.
Professional Edition is for smaller teams who need advanced features, higher sending capacity and share resources (images, attachments, email campaign designs.)
 ‘Enterprise / Agency Edition’ takes team-based email marketing a step further because it’s multi-user / multi-account. Customers can create up to 500 dedicated accounts each with their own data campaigns and results.
We also have an awesome ‘widget based’ campaign builder to create beautiful, mobile friendly responsive campaigns that get noticed, plus reporting and analytics that help users gain better insights into their customer base.
Typical customers include-
Marketing Agencies
Publishers / Digital Media Services
Multi-site Real Estate Agencies
Franchises / Companies with multiple store locations

Pinpointe Feature List

  1. Automation –

With the help of this tool, you will be able to send email series and drip campaigns automatically depending upon your contacts’ reactions. For example, you will be able to create sequential drip marketing campaigns which will run for a particular or specified time. The tool is also equipped with automatic email responding. The best part is that this auto – respond campaigns are not limited to single emails so you can simply create a series of messages which would be automatically sent in a series as soon as someone subscribes or takes some action. You don’t have to worry about professionalism because Pinpointe will only send personalized emails to the recipients. You will get full control over the whole process which means you can manually set the time frame after which the series mail will be sent to the recent subscriber.

  1. A/B split testing: –

This tool allows you to find your best campaign in terms of performance. For example, you can create a number of variations for a particular email campaign and those variations will be sent to an equal number of random samples of your contact list. After a certain time, the best performing variation will be automatically selected and sent to the rest of your contact list.

  1. Deliverability –

The best part is, Pinpoint is very technical. Before sending an email it earns consent of emails being sent from the customer in a tricky manner. This makes sure that the automated mail is not sent to the spam folder but to the inbox directly.

  1. Analytics and tracking –

Pinpointe keeps track of your email marketing campaigns with the help of Google Analytics lets you know who is clicking your links, revenue, conversion rate and visitor statistics. The analytic report includes social metrics, heat maps, and graphs for better understanding and policy making.

  1. Email designer and editor –

The email designer lets you create HTML – only, text – only as well as multi – part emails. On the other hand, with the help of the email editor, you can easily format text, import text, add links, change colors, add graphics, and create tables.

Pinpointe Video ntroduction

Price Packages –

Irrespective of a package, you can avail a discount of 10% if you prepay for six months. If you want to send more than 6 emails per month to your entire contact list, you can contact Pinpointe for custom pricing. If your contact list contains more than 200000 contacts then also you have to contact Pinpointe.

  • Number of contact based pricing starts at the rate of $49 per month for 5000 contacts and 40000 emails per month, $74 per month for 10000 contacts and 80000 emails per month, $245 per month for 50000 contacts and 300000 emails per month and $898 per month for 200000 contacts per month. This number of contact based pricing will suit companies which have to send a good number of emails on a regular basis.
  • Now, if you need to send emails only occasionally then per – email pricing package will be a better option for you. Here, you have to buy email credits. One credit lets you send one mail and every unused email credit rolls over to the next month up to 12 months. The basic is, the more email credits you purchase the next email credit gets cheaper and cheaper. Email credits for 25000 emails cost $245, for 50000 emails costs $450 and for 1 million emails costs $2850.
  • Enterprise Edition of Pinpointe is a cloud – based and multi – user package with a potential to send more than 10 million emails per month. You can also avail an IP address at an additional charge of $50 per month.
  • In order to choose the right plan for your business, you get a 14 – day free trial.

Pinpointe – Predictive Delivery – Improve Response Rates

Pinpointe – Predictive Delivery – Improve Response Rates from Pinpointe on Vimeo.



Pinpointe is a wonderful professional email marketing tool which promises to boost your business campaigns. Feel free to ask about any query regarding Pinpointe and also let us know your personal experience of using Pinpointe in the “Comments” section below.

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