Review- Email Hunter, Email Verifier, and Email Marketing Tool!

In this article, we will review a wonderful email verification and lead generation tool. is more than just a lead generation tool, so we cannot really categorize it as a lead generation or email verification or bulk email sending tool. It’s all under one roof. It not only helps you automate lead generation process but also helps you boost marketing campaigns and check emails. Let us start with a brief feature list.

A Complete Guide To Drip Campaigns Part IV Email Sequences features:

  1. Domain wise Email Searching –

With the help of this feature, you can search for people of a particular domain. Moreover, as soon as you go to a website, you are allowed to access the email addresses associated with this or that website. For example, if you are searching for job openings from a particular company, this tool will provide you with the email ids associated with the website. Also, you can find people of a definite position on the professional social network within a minute and reach them immediately. You can do this both from Google Chrome extension and from the dashboard.

Email Verifier

When you send a digital marketing campaign to a list of recipients, sometimes you get error reports for certain email addresses. This is because they are invalid. This wonderful tool checks whether the email address is a valid one or not before sending emails. It is available either as a web app or a browser extension. The email verifier checks the email list quickly and gives the users the necessary information on email addresses.

  1. Triggered business emails

With the help of a professional domain search on websites and social networks, can derive out the email address of the person you want to contact. After that, you can create an automated triggered email campaign with triggers and delays. You can set the goals, create and save email templates, and personalize the messages. Either the email campaign is over or is still in progress, you can get detailed statistics: how many emails were opened, how many links were clicked, and how many replies you’ve received.

  1. Email Tracker for Gmail

The email tracker lets you know what happens with the emails you send when they get into the recipients’ inbox. With this extension, you will always know which of the emails perform better and show better results. How? The extension provides its users with a real-time report. Yes. This tool lets you know how many of your sent emails were opened, when, and how many times. You will get real-time push notifications in your browser as soon as someone opens your emails or simply clicks the link inside the email body. Additionally, you can schedule the email sending and deactivate email tracking for a definite email message. Moreover, the extension doesn’t attach signatures in the sent emails.

  1. Technology Checker

With the help of Technology Checker, you will be able to find out your potential competitors. You can check out which web technologies are used by a particular company. This advanced tool lets you know which CMS, analytics, marketing, e-commerce tools, software, and which web frame is used by a particular website. The best part is that the whole feature comes with no additional charges.

Check : SendX Discount Coupon Code Pricing and Plans – comes with 4 monthly-paid packages (yearly plans with discounts are available). You can choose your package depending upon the size of your company and the needs. What is more, freemium is also provided by the service and offers the following benefits:

  • Forever Free
  • 100 credits/month
  • 100 verified LinkedIn Id
  • 100 domain searches
  • 100 emails from names
  • 50 bulk domain searches
  • Upload and verify 200 own email
  • Unlimited domain emails
  • CSV File Export

Conclusion is an all-in-one tool which always will support you in any marketing trouble, either find prospects or track the sent emails. Since most of features are available as Chrome extensions, it has numerous benefits. First of all, it means that you won’t have to litter the PC space. Also, they are always at hand when you are working and you don’t have to switch between the browser and software or even numerous tabs. Even regardless of the freemium, paid plans are available starting at $29 only. If you like it, you can shift to a paid package later on. Do let us know about your experience with email verifier tool in the “Comments” section below.

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