Why You Need SSD Web Hosting to Upgrade Your Business?

Ever thought, why SSD drives are a predominant choice of corporate online businesses? We have all your answers right below.

More speed and reliability are the prime reasons of popularity when it comes to solid state drives (SSDs) over traditional hard disk drives (HDDs). Are you looking forward to owning an energetic fast-loading website? A perfect choice would be the best SSD web hosting service along with VPS and dedicated servers.

SSD Hosting

What is Solid-State Drive?

A major milestone of this century — SSD is the revolution in data storage technology, uplifting hosting businesses on a faster track when compared to HDD. Saving your time and easing your workload is actually what best SSD web hosting service is known for. SSDs can have access to files stored electronically in just milliseconds. However, HDDs are equipped with electromechanical magnetic disks with slower spinning drives and moving write/read pointers, posing a greater threat of mechanical failure.

Benefits of SSD Web Hosting

On a broader perspective, SSDs have countless benefits when compared to HDDs. A few of them include:

  • Less electrical power consumption
  • Generates less heat
  • Lower access time
  • Immune to physical shocks
  • Tasks are processed silently
  • Less susceptible to mechanical breakdown

How SSD is Faster?

If you need to access datastore on an HDD, you need to wait while it physically spins to acquire information that needs to be read or modified. Just a matter of some milliseconds could be a huge problem in case of high web traffic or when dealing with large data.

Why Speed Matters?

The extra loading time doesn’t go un-noticed when website traffic escalates. The moment your e-commerce website takes more than “3 seconds”, the visitor clicks on the back button cutting down sales by 25%. SSD hosting can be the only way to end this.

SSDs with Dynamic Websites

The extraordinary speed of solid-state storage could be a major help, in case you need to pull off large quantitative data from a data source to create a highly interactive page for your website.

When is SSD Essential?

SSD hosting finds its major clients who own websites which:

  • An Ecommerce website
  • Consists of big files (podcasts/videos)
  • Get loads of traffic
  • Depends heavily on database returns
  • Website is dynamic

Hybrid Drives: A Pocket-Friendly Option

Are you still interested in SSD hosting? We have more information for you in the form of solid-state hybrid drives (SSHD). It lets you enjoy the enhanced performance of SSD and the big storage space of HDD at affordable rates.

How SSDs Can Influence Web Development

Although SSDs are a huge boost to the servers of your websites, an SSD hosting would not be a solution to almost all of your problems.

SSDs Aren’t Cure-Alls

Your server-side performance will be up to the mark and applications will immediately load through a dedicated server. However, a large number of bloated pages with hundreds of big images would still travel through your sluggish internet.

Writing Vs Reading Data

The Solid State Drives are more effectively speedy at reading in comparison to writing. Well, the corporations are showing adamant interest in developing much denser, reliable, durable and faster solid-state technology.

Are HDDs Outdated?

SSDs have not actually backed off the use of HDDs. One perfect example is the incompetence of SSD to archive data left for years since it begins to decay gradually. HDDs are in fact the best for archival purposes, right now.

Selecting an SSD Host

If budget is not an issue for you, that’s great! Just spend money on a dedicated SSD hosting package and let experts operate your website stuff in the most convenient, responsive and professional way. However, it is awful when you are down on the budget. Well you don’t have to worry. There is another option for you in the form of SSD shared hosting.

Factors Deciding the SSD Performance

The essential areas that need your paramount attention are:

Processing Capacity for SSD Hosting

It is vital to make sure that your SSD web host is equipped with top-notch processors and latest drives. This guarantees the supply of much needed tremendous processing power.

SSD Drive Quality

Employ the best SSD drives since they are easy to write over numerous times. Additionally, an inbuilt complex logic can be utilized, minimizing the quantity of writing and consistently distributing the use of storage for longer use.

Datacenter Location

The closer you are to your target audience, the more business it brings in. Therefore, go ahead to buy a cloud hosting package with a CDN, to make sure no client falls any far from the edge server.

In the end, SSDs do have an edge over HDD hosting plans as they are swift and reliable while being affordable. Consider getting a plan from an experienced web hosting provider.

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